Blogger help

These are some posts i’ve done to help my fellow bloggers or posts about blogging, click the title to be brought to the post:

A crash course in SEO terms for newbie bloggers.

Free apps you need if you’re a blogger.

Follow / No follow links and what they mean for bloggers. 

What you should be doing to your blog behind the scenes.

Real life on the internet – This is more about youtubers but i thought i’d add it here anyway.

How to increase traffic and grow follower numbers! Helpful tips for new bloggers looking to grow their audience legitimately.

1 year of blogging, my progress.

View my post on : How i take and edit my photos 

My post on buying followers and spamming in the blogging community.

Blog photography when you don’t have a camera in this post i give my tips for taking photos using a phone or if you don’t have a DSLR camera to work with! 

Blog photography props – in this post i show the props i use when photographing products and in flatlays and where to get the best ones! 

How i stay organised as a blogger here i give my tips about staying organised and on top of my blog.

Post ideas for bloggers block stuck for ideas? This post will give you inspiration for your next post and will take you out of a rut!

Why i’m a stereotypical blogger!