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I always think “About Me” pages on blogs are a bit weird, this is literally a website named after myself, with posts all about myself .. self obsessed? Me? Never. Regardless; i live in London, i have a complicated relationship with fashion and my own personal style. I’m 5ft 2 and I long to be that girl who can wear nothing but a red lip, but my acne scarring says otherwise.

Welcome to little snippets of my brain, usually thought up when i should really be doing something else.

For enquiries you can email : mariajenquiries@outlook.com . I aim to respond to everything within 24 hours, sometimes it’s 48, you know the drill.

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I don’t currently offer guest posting on Mariaj.co.uk simply because i want all the content on my site to be my own; however i do occasionally feature blogs and social media sites i love on my Instagram, but not as a result of requests.


Whether a brand has sent me a product or sponsored the content, all opinions are my own. All posts are disclaimed individually regarding sponsorship, samples and affiliate links.