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Gold jewellery to fall in love with. AD, gifted.

Gold jewellery to fall in love with. AD, gifted.

If you asked me this time two years ago what colour jewellery i wore, it would “obviously” have been silver. For years (pretty much since the end of the mid 90s) gold jewellery stepped out of the limelight, and silver reigned supreme.

In recent years however, gold has really come to the forefront.. you could pretty much guarantee that when viewing the Instagram explore page you’d only find gold jewellery. Every day when i put on my jewellery i think about how much i love it’s look and how i don’t really talk about it that often, so i thought today i would show you my favourites from my collection.

One of my favourite jewellery brands is Daisy London, i have a necklace, earrings and a ring from their beautiful trend lead and quality assured collections. Every piece i get from Daisy is of the highest quality, the jewellery is weighty without being heavy and never tarnishes. No green fingers here. My favourite piece has to be my Daisy London ring, i wear it with pride alongside one of my mum’s rings and rings from Jewellery Box.

As the return of 80s fashions is well and truly with us, the layering of gold necklaces has come along with it. Without fail i wear my Daisy London necklace from the Estee Lalonde collection everyday, and with that i get compliments on it everyday. It’s plated but looks like solid gold, and although it’s an incredibly simple piece it ends up being stand out.

If I’m wearing a plain t-shirt or turtle neck i’ll layer necklaces, i think having a blank canvas works best when doing this – to avoid over crowding if you’ve got multiple layers or different necklines going on. The necklaces i love to layer are my ones from Lily Rose London, they are designed to layer together with the shorter bee necklace sitting in an almost elevated choker style, and the longer pendant adding that dimension. They tie together nicely with the bee accents, and create a beautiful layered shape.

If you’re looking to create a gold jewellery collection on a budget then look no further than Jewellery box. Although they do stock more expensive items, the website caters to all budgets, with many of the pieces available for under £10. I have a simple ring from them that i wear daily; it’s a dainty piece and as it is so affordable, it fits in well with people who prefer dainty pieces while on a budget.

So, high end, mid range and affordable gold jewellery – which one will you go for?

Check out my instagram @mariajblogs here . This post contains gifted items.

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