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Why LVL, The £45 Lash Treatment, Is Now Something I Can’t Imagine My Life Without.

Why LVL, The £45 Lash Treatment, Is Now Something I Can’t Imagine My Life Without.

LVL Lash lift

There’s a reason every one of the Instagram and Snapchat filters gives you huge fake lash like additions to your face. Whether you’re transforming into a bear with glasses, or using that one that is supposed to make you look like a better version of yourself, (but really makes you look like a blur of yourself) it’s because lashes make you look damn good. It’s no breaking news, especially to me, who could do an entire face of makeup and still manage to look tired if i’ve missed that one vital step.

For this reason the rise in lash extensions (and seeing my face while scrolling through instagram beauty filters when procrastinating) has sparked my interest in doing something to my eyelashes. My problem? I’m all too aware of the upkeep extensions come with: the brushing – think back to that clip of Dani Dyer blow drying her eyelashes while on Love Island – the not getting them wet or being able to properly wash your face, all of it. And although i love my makeup, extensions seemed a bit much for someone who doesn’t even wear fake lashes anymore. Just when i thought i was stuck on 5 minute mascara application daily, i discovered LVL: Nouveau Lashes’ Length Volume and Lift treatment.

In a world full of beauty treatments, i’ve become unfazed by hearing about the “next big thing that’ll change your life”.. for the sum of £200 a month, with regular visits to a salon for upkeep. I was pleasantly surprised then to learn when i was invited to try out LVL, that it costs from just £45, takes just 45 minutes and lasts up to 8 weeks. Could i get away with calling this a lunch break treatment? Most definitely.

LVL isn’t like extensions, nothing is added to your lashes: they are simply lifted at the root, kind of like giving them a perm, so your lashes are the best they can be on their own without any weight added. The treatment is simple (for you anyway) you lay back for 45 minutes, completely pain free and open your eyes to what look like fake lashes. I could not believe what was staring back at me in the mirror, completely mascara free, my lashes turned from non existent to touching my eyebrows.

But what about aftercare?

Lazy like me? LVL is perfect, no water for 24 hours and no steam for 48. In the first 24 hours the lashes are still settling into their place so getting them wet could upset the hold, i also made sure to sleep on my back for the first night to stop them moulding into weird shapes. Nearly 3 weeks on my lashes are still perfect, and look even better with a touch of mascara – nothing like the 5 minute application time i used to battle with in the mornings. I can really see myself falling down a beauty treatment hole, and really, i’m not mad about it. There’s something quite satisfying about being able to walk into the bathroom of a morning, still half asleep, look into the mirror and see some pretty good looking eyelashes.. I feel a little bit of pride that they’re my own too, go on natural eyelashes, we’ve got this.

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