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I Got Measured For A Bra For The First Time, At 21.

I Got Measured For A Bra For The First Time, At 21.

It seems like something everyone does, my friends who had DD cup boobs at 14, my mum .. everyone and literally anyone with breast tissue: they all get their boobs measured. Except me.

Boux Avenue bra fitting measurement

For years (10 to be exact) i thought I was the lucky one, while my friends were begrudgingly paying £30 and upwards on their bras I was grabbing the smallest size in Primark and on my way for less than a fiver. You could say I’m lacking in the breast department; and having small boobs I never really felt the need to get measured, let alone pay £30 for something that I was currently getting for £5. However, when Boux Avenue launched their Bra Edit and I had the opportunity to get fitted, it gave me the push I always needed.. I had no reason to say no.

Even when I arrived at the flagship Oxford Street store I was still skeptical, I was convinced my boobs didn’t need measuring and although my bras were uncomfortable, I thought that was part and parcel of wearing one. How often do we hear how comfortable someone’s bra is? Then think about how often you see someone tweet they’ve taken off their bra for the day, and the relief is like no other? The latter is overwhelmingly more common and pretty much an every day occurrence on my timeline.

I step into the changing room and have literally no idea what is about to happen to me, at 21 I am having the experience most 13 year olds have, but this time I definitely don’t have my mum with me. I apologise for not shaving my arm pits in 3 days (because I was away, I swear) and for forgetting I was going somewhere that day that would involve someone seeing my bra. So naturally before running out the door I put on the first one I laid my hands on: a £2.50 Primark t-shirt bra. Usually that’s unknown to the world so it wouldn’t matter.. but not today, this day involved someone staring at it, in great detail. My fitter tightens the straps of my original bra, and instantly points out where things are going wrong. You can already see with one tug on the back it comes away like a rubber band, inches away from my back (that really shouldn’t happen), and once the straps were in the correct place, the cups stopped covering the bottom part of my boobs (that definitely shouldn’t happen).

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? After a few quick – completely un-invasive – measurements, my Boux Avenue fitter determines that I am of course, in that 80%. It turns out I had no idea how bras worked: for 10 years I thought for example, a C cup is universal, and it’s only the band measurement that changes, wrong, oh so wrong. Getting measured almost felt like a high end beauty treatment; Boux’s classic french style changing rooms, the professionalism of the fitters and of course, endless styles and colours of lingerie made it an all round great experience.

I left my fitting service appointment and the first thing I had to do was inform my group chat of oldest friends, they’re well aware of my small boobs and all congratulated me on essentially “becoming a woman” at 21. I called my mum who was out of the country, just to tell her about my new found bra size, but I did have to hang up and call her back when I realised the tube carriage wasn’t the best place to discuss it.

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I can’t quite believe the new found confidence wearing a properly fitted bra has given me. Not only do I now enjoy buying beautiful bras, i’m no longer dealing with it not quite covering everything, my Boux Avenue bras just stay in place .. it seems ludicrous but I didn’t think it was even possible for bras to do that! My old bras are well and truly in the bin, I’m a changed woman.

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    • Thank you very much, user i don’t know. But seriously isn’t it, how many times have i told you about my new found boobs

  • Boux Avenue do some gorgeous bra’s don’t they?! I was like you, didn’t think I needed being measured or avoided it because I have smaller boobs than most but they were so helpful and really taught me a lot about how bra’s should fit etc!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • I had my bra measured a few years ago so I’m WELL overdue to do it! The first time I had myself measured, my bra size was WAY OFF! It’s definitely worth getting measured! I shall be getting mine done again soon hopefully. I do love Boux Avenue bras, they are the only ones I buy! xx

    Lucy |

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