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Body moisturising just became easy.

Body moisturising just became easy.

I’ll give a prize to any person, who actually moisturises their body every time they get out of the shower. Admit it, no matter how much time you spend washing your hair, doing weekly face masks and applying 7 different products to your face every evening.. body moisturising just seems to be a task that we can’t incorporate into our routines.

I’ve fallen victim to only moisturising my body when i’m feeling really in the mood, (aka on a Sunday when i’ve got nothing better to do) or when i’m pre fake tan and i cover my wrists, ankles and knees to avoid disaster. A few weeks ago i decided to do the big body moisturise; i covered myself in a thick body butter and i was left waving my naked body around my small London bathroom, covered in what could’ve been mistaken as white paint for a good five minutes. Five minutes? That five whole minutes could have been even longer, had i not given in and started gingerly putting on my socks, to end the sticky (but very nicely scented) hell.

I usually wouldn’t write about a product until i had tested it for a few weeks, but as this is a body moisturiser it’s simple: you use it once and you know your verdict.

What’s one thing i do everyday? Shower. What’s one thing i need to do everyday? Moisturise my body. So Sanctuary Spa have come up with their Wet Skin moisturisers, possibly the most ingenious body moisturising product since, well, ever. A body moisturiser you keep in your shower and apply to wet skin as soon as you stop the water running, no need to rinse off. So instead of adding an extra step post shower, you add 30 seconds onto your shower time – you’ve completed body moisturising, before even stepping out of the shower!

The “sciency” bit:

Both the Wet Skin Radiance Jelly and Ultra Rich Wet Skin Moisture Miracle are clinically proven (in independent trials) to lock in moisture: the radiance jelly formula by 3x and the ultra rich by 5x. They’re specifically designed to be applied to wet skin because they use Wet Skin Technology; when skin is wet the open matrix helps to rapidly absorb moisture and lock in water – therefore being the optimal time to apply a moisturiser with the right structure to absorb into wet skin. Within 2-3 minutes wet skin starts to dry out and turns into a closed tight matrix, making it harder for traditional moisturiser to absorb.

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Suddenly, moisturising my body has become an every day thing and i feel ever more accomplished because of it. Check out the Wet Skin Radiance Jelly for radiant, watermelon scented skin and Ultra Rich Wet Skin Moisture Miracle for the deepest level of hydration. Currently on offer at Boots!

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