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Products so good i hurt my hands squeezing out the last of them.

Products so good i hurt my hands squeezing out the last of them.

Sometimes you open a new skincare product – you’ve been told it’s literally the greatest thing since washing your face was invented – you use it for a week.. two? But you just don’t get it, you’re not wowed, it really hasn’t done anything. You put it on the side and let it gather dust (literally gather dust, i’m ashamed to admit) end up throwing it away because you probably didn’t need a 7th mask, and it’s gone all weird and separate-y anyway. This is not about those products, this is about the products that you tell your friends about .. or in my case IG story yourself doing a boomerang with.

Boscia, Boscia, B O S C I A.

Yes, i’ve written about Boscia before but seriously now that i’ve finished these products i’m pretty much convinced they’re the secret to good skin. The Detoxifying Black Cleanser has become my favourite thing to wash my face with, it manages to make your face feel clean without drying or irritating, or any of those bad cleanser words. Every time i use this i wake up with clearer smoother skin, it heats up on contact and i seriously think it’d be suitable for everyone .. but you’ll love it if you’re oily like me. A cleanser that doesn’t leave me with any hesitations is a good one, none of that “ooo i like it but..” I just love it.

Revitalising Black Hydration Gel is fun because it’s almost like doing a weird shot or just having a cold facial – the latter is probably more appropriate. This is your moisturiser (i use it day and night) and once you apply it you get the skincare equivalent to a hair dressers “cold shot”, it’s a little bit like your face has been cryogenically frozen. Basically, you face is really cold for about 3 minutes. It’s lightweight but somehow also so hydrating, which makes it perfect for my oily face that gets dry sometimes too. Hands down my favourite moisturiser.
I can finally get on board with Glycolic.

You’ve heard about it before? Most likely, yes. But if you’re in my camp, the camp that has skin that sometimes suddenly decides it doesn’t like something and goes insane for 2 weeks, then you’ve probably avoided it. My name is Maria and for a long time i was scared of Alpha-H Liquid Gold. If i’m honest i was more scared of the reaction i could have: nightmares of weeping scaly skin while stood on the Brooklyn bridge, after using a US product surprisingly not sold here, haunt me every time i try anything remotely powerful. However the name, oh the name, Liquid Gold, drew me in. So i used it, and then i used it a week later and a week after that. Now i know i’m not going to have a reaction i can use it every few days, and i genuinely wake up with brighter smoother skin, i actually think my scarring is getting paler too .. i haven’t finished this one yet, but i’m really excited about it so i wanted to put it in anyway, time will tell.


I’ve got a fascination with eye products, i have bags that could probably be fixed with getting enough sleep, but for now i’m ignoring that solution and putting just about everything under my eyes. A little tip to make yourself look like Kendall Jenner before a photoshoot: put these little hydrogel patches under your eyes and suddenly you feel all IG model skincare queen in a hair turban, it’s a vibe. The Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks are an actual miracle. If i’ve got a shoot day i’ll put a pair of these on in the morning after i wash my face; i’ll keep them on while i eat my breakfast, do my hair and i’ll reluctantly take them off before i have to do my makeup. You can visibly see the difference after peeling them off, they’re incredible, my eye area is so smooth, they’re literally a real life filter. Not something you’d use everyday, but great for a treat.

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So, now that i’ve finished them, onto the next things.

This post contains gifted items and affiliate links, if i don’t like it i don’t talk about it.

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