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My first London Fashion Week experience.

My first London Fashion Week experience.

Every February and September things get a little bit ramped up in the fashion blogging world; similar to the sound you’d hear before an earth quake or a landslide, it feels like a faint rumbling that kicks in one or two weeks before the respective months .. soon you realise it’s not rumbling that you hear, but the repeated phrases of “Getting ready for fashion week!” “I’m going to be soooOOO busy next week.. it’s LFW” and suddenly it’s that time again.

Most would admit there’s a status symbol around fashion week, you can’t help but notice the increase in instagram posts, the outfit planning, the tagging of the best ‘grammers in stories – it’s like a pressure cooker of posting and you’d be wrong if you think i’m about to sit on my high horse and slate it. I imagine if you exist outside of the blogging/fashion/instagram world it would be easy for fashion month to pass you by; but there’s a special place for those of us who are somewhat inside this world, but haven’t got the faintest clue about what goes on. I spent most of my pre teen and teen years glued to fashion magazines, i have a faint recollection of seeing LFW posters around London as a kid – fashion week was an entity that i was aware of, secretly very interested in, but mostly removed from.

So, back to being somewhat involved but not really involved at all. It’s basically accepted now that to be a blogger you have to be at fashion week, of course that isn’t true at all ..but it can start to feel like it. Without wanting to use the phrase FOMO, it can be hard not to experience it when your Saturday involves a trip to IKEA – but everyone else seems to be parading around the strand. So you start to ask yourself “How did they get there?”, i know i did.

Fashion week has established itself as a status symbol, everyone just seems to be involved without ever actually taking about it ..and you’re as confused as a passerby would be walking down the strand during it. I’m proud to say my first fashion week experience was just this past February. With the aura around fashion week i can imagine that some people would think i’d be embarrassed to admit that as a full time blogger i had never been to a fashion show, or that while i was at said show i was undoubtably the least experienced person in the room.

What was it like?

I didn’t want to be that blogger: Clutching at straws to make their “Fashion Week” busy, attending the opening of an envelope and instagram storying themselves from the Frow of an off schedule show, held in a dimly lit hotel conference room. I wanted to make my first fashion week experience a good one, a show i was invited to attend, where i had a connection with the people i was invited by – i wanted to want to be there, not just be there.

I let a lot of LFWs pass me by, i could’ve filled my time by attending the fashion week spaces and events around the shows but i didn’t, i held out until something came up that i really wanted to go to. This past fashion week an email popped up with an invite to the Richard Quinn show; i couldn’t quite believe it, last year the Queen .. the actual queen attended his show and now my first fashion show would be his. I held my ticket as a guest of KMS who were doing the hair for the show, so it meant i could go backstage first, i really felt like i had hit the jackpot all in one.

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Fashion week is the epitome of cool, but not for me: i will gladly admit i lost sleep over what i should wear, turned up to the venue not knowing how i would actually go about getting in, and sweated probably slightly more than i should. But when i was actually inside? I loved every second.

Thinking back to being a 14 year old telling my friends that it was “fashion week this week guys, we might see something” all of my visions from inside a show weren’t even close to being as good as it actually was. An AAA access all areas wrist band was placed on my wrist, i was brought behind a door to backstage and it was everything my avid watching of fashion documentaries had promised: fast paced, focused and with creativity busting at the seams. It was while i was stood watching the show (i’ll happily also mention i wasn’t sat front row .. nor third for that matter, but stood) that i realised what an incredible world this is, how lucky i was to be watching the same show as some of the most influential people in fashion, and seeing months of work walk in front of me.

During the show i stopped trying to film on my iPhone frantically, put it down and just took it all in – i looked around me and realised this is where i want to be. ..Until next fashion week, where i might attempt to get into a few more shows because i’ve truly got the bug. To every blogger who has meticulously planned their outfits, posed for photos on the strand in a bright pink suit or snapped a front row selfie, carry on, you’ve earned your right to be there.

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