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Skincare that’ll help make February just that bit easier.

Skincare that’ll help make February just that bit easier.

I tweeted something recently, something along the lines of “somedays i either wake up with calm, soft, happy skin and others it’s all red and bumpy ..there’s no in-between” The latter seemed to be happening a lot in January, but these products are helping to curb the pattern – i’m seeing a lot more soft happy skin moments since adopting them into my routine.


Let’s start with something i had never heard of before this month, shall we? Dr Lancer is the dermatologist to the stars: Kim K, Victoria Beckham – the lot. They’ve got great skin but most of us could never afford weekly sessions with someone like Dr Lancer until now, because he now has products available to buy! So if like me, you can’t bring yourself to part with the cash for a professional facial, (let alone the plane ticket you’d most likely have to buy along with it) then these are perfect. I’ve been using the 4 step method, but out of the 4 i have one particular product i’m always particularly excited to use: Polish.

This is a really powerful exfoliator that has left my skin undoubtably smoother, brighter and more even. The type of product that is supposed to be used once a day, but you’ll be temped to reach for it more than that .. don’t – you want to have skin left after you’ve finished the bottle.

January is filled with green juices, why not put the equivalent on my face?

I had previously tried Tropic Haircare, but this month i ventured into skincare – there’s something about a weirdly coloured oil in a glass bottle that really speaks to me, so i had to give this a go first. Super greens sounds like a juice that people tell everyone they love but secretly hate, and while i can’t get on board with juice cleanses i can get on board with skincare.

This actually has a lot of ingredients you’d find in a juice, most of which are antioxidant rich to really get into the deeper layers of the skin. While it’s an oil it’s not heavy on my combination skin, and has really helped to brighten and reduce the redness in my complexion. So maybe the rule should be what’s good for your body is also good for your face?

I have to include a mask..

I’m fond of a IG story mask selfie, especially one that is so opaque it basically covers your whole face so you kind of look like you’ve got good skin already .. i’ve given away the secret. The only mask i’ve been reaching for within the last 2 months has been the Boscia charcoal pore pudding. And no, not just because of the really cool name. Boscia exclusively launched in the UK back in December at Boots, and although i had heard of it before now that i’ve had the opportunity to try out the products i’ve fallen in love with the brand.

As someone with problem skin charcoal products have always been interesting, but often really harsh and not suitable for my also sensitive face. I’ve had horror story experiences in the past with charcoal skincare products, but i was reassured these are even suitable for sensitive skin so i gave them a go and fell in love. The mask is perfect for when you want that extra deep cleansed feeling, if my skin is acting up i’ll reach for this; to not only leave my skin deeply cleansed but to actually calm it down. My redness is really reduced after using the mask and my skin feels refined.

And a moisturiser..

Also from Boscia, this month (and last and the one before that..) i fell in love with the Revitalising black hydration gel. My cousins boyfriend saw me applying this over Christmas and looked incredibly confused, simple minds. Again, you’d be forgiven for thinking this could be harsh or aggravating, especially because when you apply it your skin is left feeling ice cold for about 15 minutes. After applying the gel at night i wake up with an incredibly calm, hydrated complexion, red bumpy skin: gone. This is genuinely a joy to use and i’m not reaching for any of my other moisturisers anymore, night and day i only want this.

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The eyes give it all away…

Moving to the eye area, i’ve got two picks for this extra cold weather: The Fresh Rose hydrating eye gel cream and the Guerlain Super Aqua-Eye serum. For the morning time i want something light that might help to wake me up a little bit, for this i reach for Fresh. It’s gel texture means it’s instantly cooling, refreshing and really does help to illuminate tired morning eyes – without any artificial pearlescent sheen. For the evening i want something light that i can sleep in, with a thin texture – Guerlain is perfect for this. It’s a serum rather than a cream so seamlessly glides over the eye area and provides total overnight hydration; it’s effortless to apply and lovely to use.

Finally, lips! It’s easy to forget that the skin on your lips is just as important as the skin on your face, so i always include my lips in my skincare routine. A February lip for me is one of minimal effort, so the Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tints are ideal: Colour and caring in one. So when the mornings are still dark and that 5 minutes you’d spend applying a liquid lip can be spent sleeping, i’d opt for these.

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  • Although I think I have master my skin care (all with Kiehl’s products) , I am still looking for a good face mask and that one sound so good! I also would love to try a chemical exfoliant. I’ve been suffering with some hormonal imbalance and my skin is feeling it 100% (let’s just say I always have a blemish to say good morning to) and it’s not been easy so a great skin care regime is soooo important to me right now!!

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