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Where I’m taking this blog in 2019.

Where I’m taking this blog in 2019.

I just started typing “I almost wrote 2018 then” until I re-read the title and realised, I did in fact, write 2018. One sentence into 2019 (twenty n i n e teen) and I’ve already verbalised the meme that’ll haunt us through all of January, the one about having to turn the 8 in 2018 into a 9, every time you write the date for the next three weeks. I tried to get off to a good start, I failed.

In 2018 I fell a little bit out of love with my blog, but lately (like most people) I’ve been swept up in the “new year fresh start” enthusiasm and I’ve been struck with a wave of inspiration. For about a week now I’ve had these thoughts in my head about where I want to take my blog; the type of thoughts that keep me awake at night, and almost make me feel like getting out of bed and putting things into place straight away. I know January 1st has no actual relevance when it comes to starting things, but i think we’ve established it’s a modern phenomenon to at least try and put something new into practice at this time of year.. so I’m going with it.

So where am i going with this?

Up until recently I believed blog posts had to be lengthy, photo heavy with a degree of planning behind them. Having decided early on this was how i did blog posts it meant the level of perfectionism actually stopped me writing posts; if I wanted to write something I would have to psych myself up to write thousands of words, and it meant posts became less frequent.

I have constant ideas for posts, but wanting to make them big wordy documents with individual photosets meant I never got round to writing them. Now I’ve come to accept that this is my blog, and I actually don’t need to conform to an idea of what a blog post should be, even if it is only my own personal scrutiny.

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  • I want my posts to be more like diary entries, for my blog to become like a digital dump of my brain that you can find something new on everyday (or a few times a week anyway).
  • I want to be able to write a blog post on the tube and hit publish when I get above ground.
  • I want to be able to spend 10 minutes writing a post, or two hours, I don’t want to have rules.
  • I want to be able to write something that might only make sense in the inner workings of my brain, but publish it anyway, because one other person might enjoy it.

You might not get where I’m going with this, but if you see a post titled “I just really like this lipstick” I haven’t given up all quality, I just want this to be more casual and more me.

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  • I used to find blog post daunting as I envisioned a whole load of text. However when I put things into perspective I realised that is not the case – the key thing is to keep it single. Now I am aim for the SEO friendly over 300 but no more than 500 words. It works for me.

  • I feel like you put my thoughts into words precisely, even though I love wordy and amazingly photographed posts I feel like the internet has become so curated that you have no space to simply be!
    Let’s make 2019 the year of simply being!
    Happy New Year Queen!

  • I used to think the same thing when I started blogging. I started really casually, then I completely switched it up and had these planned out posts with nice pictures, but in the last few months, I’ve really gone back to a more casual type of posting, and it’s really really nice. I think it makes me seem more….human to other people? Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Great post and have a wonderful new year xxx

    Melina |

  • I’ve seen a total shift towards what blog content is better preferred by readers, and I’ve found that my readers prefer shorter, more personal pieces as opposed to listicles and generic content. I can’t wait to see what you come up with this year! Very excited to read your upcoming posts.

  • That’s exactly how I feel! I’ve always been the same with my blog and thinking I have to only write amazing posts with lots of photos etc. I’ve been wanting to write more random posts about what I want, cause like you said it’s your space on the internet you should be able to do what you want. I’m really looking forward to reading more of your posts this year Maria! Clare xx |

  • I often feel the same about my blog post drafts. I must have at least 10 blog drafts that I never published because ‘ not enough pics’, ‘not enough words’ etc etc. I will also make it my aim to get my blog back to what I want it to be, and to use it as a space for what it was created for: sharing what I love.

    Happy New Year x

  • Maria I agree with you a billion percent! I used to publish on my blog 3x/wk last year and then lost interest because it started to feel too task oriented, I wanted everything to be P E R F E C T! Now, I’m like you. Whether I publish a 250 or 1,000 word count, I’m posting what I want. I’m taking the rules out of blogging and just writing for me. Hopefully it’ll still resonate with others along the way. Thank you for the continuous inspiration. Looking forward to reading more of our blog 😍💖

    Natonya |

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