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So, what does a fashion blogger do all week?

So, what does a fashion blogger do all week?

Two weeks ago i wrote 4 blog posts, thinking “wow, this is easy..why did i not have the time last year to do this?” What i failed to realise was that two weeks ago we weren’t back doing proper work weeks yet. So when that first Monday of January came around and we had the dreaded 5 day week after Christmas, i failed to write a single blog post.

One of the biggest questions around blogging is what is actually involved in the job, i’m not going to bore you with misconceptions – i’m totally aware that most people think we take a selfie a day and make £10,000 for each one we post, or that we don’t make any money at all and we’re all living off a trust fund .. So what’s a better way to tell you why i didn’t quite get pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard in my case, than to explain exactly what i did last week. If you’re trying to turn your blog into a full time job, want to get into blogging or you might just want a nosy into what actually goes on, this is for you.

Before i start it’s important to note that no week is the same, some are quieter than others and as this is the first week back in January nothing major went on. This week compared to the weeks i had in December is a literal walk in the park (or down Oxford St in my case), but it’s well balanced and the only week we’ve completed so far.

Monday 7th January: Admin day. It’s the first Monday in January, everyone goes back to their offices, the OOO goes off and you tackle your inbox. In my case i set up at my table and do the exact same as most people on this day of the year. My inbox is messy, December was my busiest month of my career to date; so although a lot of the posts went live before everyone left their offices, there are loose ends to tie up. I spent the whole of Monday doing admin, mostly emails – not only replying to emails that came in while over the break, but everything else involved with blogger admin. This involves: Sending people analytics from December collaborations, creating invoices for work, submitting those and updating all the finance spreadsheets that go with the income side of things. During this Monday i accepted three new collaborations (i turn down about 80% of what goes into my inbox daily), at the start of a new project there’s a lot of back and forth – so a lot of my day was spent discussing terms with brands.

At the start of each month i make a content calendar, for this i use the calendar in my yearly diary; instead of using it for physical events i use it to schedule deadlines. It helps to see a monthly view all on one page of when work is due to be submitted, approved and finally posted. I input all my new deadlines for January, along with creating a list of new contracts i had taken on. I also took all my event invite emails and wrote them into my paper diary on the day by day view, along with adding them into the iPhone calendar.

Other tasks include : 8am Instagram post, uploading Instagram stories, replying to my comments and messages throughout the day.

Tuesday 8th January : Out and about. On Monday i had a follow up email from a PR about coming into their showroom, i scheduled it for the next morning. My day starts with my 8am Instagram post as usual, replying to as many comments as i can while i get ready. As scheduled at 10:45 i get to my showroom appointment; i meet the PR in reception and get taken to the showroom. While i’m there i’m talked through the brands the company represent and get to take some bits with me to use in outfit photos later on in the week. This is one of my favourite parts of the job, as someone who has had a love for fashion since i was allowed to pick my own outfits – being surrounded by clothes on a Tuesday morning is great fun. By 11:30 i’m out and heading back on the tube to my second destination.

By 12:05 i arrive at my next location, i have 30 minutes until my friend arrives so i stop for lunch. Costa mac and cheese in a box if you’re wondering, which might i add, is incredible. While i eat lunch i upload Instagram stories, reply to my comments and check in on my inbox.

12:35 Emily arrives to meet me, we go into Tesco to pick up a bag of crisps she needs to shoot an sponsored post for (the glamour of it all) and head for our first shoot location. Between then and 1:45 we shoot some outfit photos, this isn’t a full shoot day, just a few instagrams with no outfit changes.

I’m back home by 14:30, before i can start editing photos i have to go and visit my elderly neighbour to give her a bowl of soup and also grab something to eat myself. I didn’t put that in to win the ultimate good Samaritan award but otherwise you’d be left with a big gap.

I’m back working again before 15:30: sorting through the photos we have taken, editing my favourites and sorting them into my Instagram grid planner. This usually takes anywhere between 1-2 hours, depending on how many photos we’ve taken. I reply to emails and finish my day with one..or four episodes of gossip girl.

Wednesday 9th January: The first events of the year! Okay, now is the time i can kind of make people think i’m living my best carrie Bradshaw life, ish. I don’t have to leave for my events until 2pm, so as usual i spend the morning doing admin, replying to emails, comments and returning a few contracts.

14:00 : I’m on the tube to head to my first event for 3pm in Kings Cross, it’s a haircare product launch event so it’s held at a salon where my hair is styled using the new product.

By 15:45 i’m seeking a charging point with a toilet and an opportunity for a cup of tea, Starbucks. I’ve finished at my event but i have an hour until i need to meet my friend for the next one, i head for the warmth of Starbucks where i charge my phone, reply to Instagram comments and upload all my stories for the event i’ve just been at. I upload stories after i’ve left the event because it means i get to actually experience the situation, talk properly to the PR and also not look like i’ve got my head stuck in my phone!

At 17:00 i’m in Shoreditch to meet my friend Albertine for the 2nd event of the day, the opening of Tonight Josephine in Shoreditch. We plan to be the first at the event to get the best photographs possible, we are the first in and manage to get all our photographs done before anyone else arrives. The people from the event were actually confused that we had arrived so promptly, my priority is always the content i can create so ..”fashionably late” is not what i’ve got my mind on. The venue fills up and i stay until 18:45, catching up with people i haven’t seen since before Christmas.

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On my way home the tube is delayed, i get stuck in tunnels and thanks to my lovely friend claustrophobia i need to get off. I narrowly avoid a panic attack and resort to getting an uber home, where of course i upload my stories from the event and look forward to my dinner.

Thursday 10th January: Admin day. Like Monday i have the opportunity for another admin day, i spend it doing exactly what i did on Monday. Tomorrow is a shoot day so i have to spend time organising the outfits i have to shoot: i get everything out and work out my outfits, i write down my combinations and then start working out the order in which i should shoot them in. We change as we go so everything needs to be planned right down to a T so it’s packed in the correct order in the suitcase – in my head i go through different scenarios like “if i was wearing this first, how would i get changed into the next outfit?”. I find similarities like if 3 outfits involve tights i’ll do those together, or if i’m bringing 2 pairs of shoes i’ll do 3 outfits in the first pair, and the final 2 after that so i don’t have to constantly change things.

Friday 11th January: Shoot day. The actual thing you’d expect to see on this diary, taking proper outfit pictures, finally! I meet Holly at 11 AM, she comes down on the train so meeting any earlier isn’t possible – she’s already been up since 6 by the time she meets me. (I feel very lucky that i don’t have to commute into London.) We spend between 11 and 14:30 taking outfit pictures, using hotels and McDonald’s toilets to change. We both brought 5 outfits but managed to shoot 4 each; after spending 3 and a half hours dragging a suitcase, handbag, and tote bag around Sloane Sq, changing your outfit 4 times and walking thousands of steps, tiredness starts to hit you.

By 3:30 i’m home and cannot wait to edit all the pictures. I got 406 pictures taken, and holly probably had about the same – over 800 at least. I sit down with a cup of tea and begin editing the photos, this takes over 2 hours because there are so many but it’s my favourite part of the whole process. I could sit and edit for HOURS… i actually do when i come to think of it. In total i shot 8 complete Instagram posts, so just over a weeks worth of content, it’s also worth noting that none of the content we took that day was sponsored – so we didn’t really make a penny doing it.

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th January: The weekend. I actually do try to take the weekend off, but because i was out all day Friday i used a few hours on Saturday afternoon to clear my inbox completely before Monday – nothing major, it just will help at the start of the week. However this weekend i had agreed to shoot content for a Monday deadline, so i used most of my Sundayday afternoon self shooting in house beauty images, along with Instagram story content. If it’s necessary i’ll go out and shoot on weekends too, i enjoy it so i don’t mind sparing 5 hours on a Saturday when i know i can have a lie in the next morning.

Are you still here? So there we have it, a break down of my working week. This was a quiet week, especially in comparison to October – December which are a bloggers busiest time. And just incase anyone has come here to remind me there are harder jobs, i’m well aware. But this is where my life has taken me and i’m bloody happy about it.

What did you think? Different to what you thought, exactly as expected? I really do want to know, so please let me know below!

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  • Hey, I loved hearing about what you get up to in a week. It’s clear that you work hard and spend a lot of time on your work, even if others don’t w see that.

  • Hi! I just started to follow your blog and ig, and I’m obsessed with it (not in a creepy way). So, I always wondered what bloggers actually do all day and if it was like a real job. So basically what I got from your post is that it is an actual job. You have your office, and employees? I wonder if you had a normal job first and would love to know about your transition from your normal job to actually living from blogging. Thank you for the post! I aspire to become one some day, so I want to prepare myself for that.

    XO ,

  • This post was SO interesting! I love getting a little bts of what actually goes on in the life of an online content creator. As Fleur de Force once put it “it’s not hard work, but I work hard” and that seems totally true. You do a fab job, I love your content across all platforms!
    xx Gabrielle

  • You say it’s a quite week but it seems so busy to me!! It seems like great fun though, you should maybe do this kind of posts as a regular, they’re quite interesting!
    Well done Maria! It’s good to see how much you’ve grown as a blogger in 2018! Xx

  • Awh Maria I loved reading this – It’s so nice to get a real insight into what yours and other fashion bloggers days look like! So fab as always! X

    Hollie |

  • Ahh the insight!! Love reading what goes on behind the scenes! Sounds like the absolute dream though! Think a Tuesday surrounded by clothes would be my heaven 😂 👌🏼

  • AMEN GIRL! I love that you put this out there, we are often so misunderstood and people hardly believe that it’s an actual job. Keep up the good work babe! XO Prishella

  • I loved hearing about your working week, there are always so many misconceptions about bloggers and the work that actually happens. This was a great read beauty, have a fabulous week!


  • I loved reading all of this! As a small blogger who still works a full time 40 hour a week job, it’s great to see how full time bloggers spend their time during the week. I always wondered how/where people changed outfits during shoots that are in public, I see know that using McDonalds restrooms are the key! haha this is a great post!

    Cozy Stylist Blog

  • Blogging is so underestimated. Many think that its JUST posting pictures and getting paid for it. I wonder why they don’t JUST try it themselves if they think it’s really that easy. Also, you actually need to have followers to become a full time blogger in the first place, and you are doing a great job at creating your audience.

    Well done Girl. Keep up the good work xx

  • I loved reading this Maria, it was so interesting! Even though you say it was a quiet week, it does actually sound pretty busy and the lazy girl inside me feels a little tired for you haha!! I’d love to read another one of these that involves a super busy week for you 🙂 I love diary style post’s like this xo

    Char |

  • This was really interesting, thanks for sharing. I want to start getting into the habit of taking multiple Instagram outfits at the same time. A lot of the admin is basically what an administrator with a ‘real’ job would do so it’s super annoying when people just brush your whole job aside!

    Faye x

  • This was such an interesting post! I write a blog, although (I hate to say this) I isn’t realise just how serious blogging as a job was. I’ve said before that writing a blog isn’t just eating cupcakes in cute coffee shops, but I don’t think I realised that I’d believed the stereotype just a bit. Thanks for sharing this, you’ve made me realise how serious being a blogger actually is xx

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