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Never underestimate the power of a white t-shirt.

Never underestimate the power of a white t-shirt.

This is almost an ode to the white t-shirt.

It’s always at the 11th hour, rushing to get out of the door when i realise that perfect white t-shirt, the thing i need for whatever i’m wearing is either crinkled in a pile on the “clothes chair” or in the washing. It’s both the basis of a great outfit and the centre piece, sometimes (most of the time) the only thing that will complete what i’m wearing.. is the most simple of white t-shirts.

I feel like my discovery of the importance of the white t-shirt came quite late in life; i would spend ages agonising over outfits never quite getting it right, until i realised how simple everything could be made with the addition of a round neck white t-shirt. If you’re struggling to put together outfits, i would ask yourself one question : How are my basics looking? If you can’t single them out (especially a few white t-shirts) i would start there.

It sounds simple, but locating the perfect white t-shirt was actually very difficult. My white t-shirt check list is as follows:

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  • Round neck is a must, v neck t-shirts got kicked out the door years ago if you ask me.
  • Thick -enough- cotton, nothing crazy but it needs to be able to be machine washed at least once a week for years in my case.
  • Non see-through. This leads on from thick enough cotton, i used to love that kind of viscose material that was nearly see-through, but now i’m all about proper t-shirts.
  • Never cropped. As a rule i don’t like anything cropped, unless it’s a trouser.
  • Proper sleeves. I don’t want you to see my arm pit, you don’t want to see it either. I like my t-shirt sleeves to stop a few inches before my elbow – but not all the way down, that’d be too far.

Times when a white t-shirt has been the only option:

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90’s inspired with jeans, pretty much always tucked, with skirts, layered. White T-shirts, i love you.

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