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It’s January, what the hell do I wear now?

It’s January, what the hell do I wear now?

Autumn has an onslaught of coats, Christmas has party dresses but what the hell does January have? At the start of each season i have a general idea of what i want to wear, autumn had a hell of a lot of midi skirts and biker jackets, while my summer wardrobe was filled with white and pastel shades.

Over the Christmas period i always think towards January, and i found myself on Boxing day sat wondering about what i would wear when i got back to the city (i go away for Christmas). My autumn uniform suddenly doesn’t feel as exciting and i find myself itching for a change, but i’m not quite sure what that change will be yet.

I’m thinking from now until spring i’ll be keeping things fairly neutral. I’ll have to stop myself getting too over excited about what will come when the weather gets warmer, and accept that the next few months will be cold, but without festivities. (Unless you call Valentines a festivity but, nobody other than supermarkets actually does.) I have a new pair of Mango sock boots and i know these will be the formation of every outfit i’ll wear until spring, – there’s no such thing as over-wearing a good black boot – I’m envisaging good knitwear, straight leg jeans and oversized coats. The type of thing that says “i’m ready for February chills” and “oh this, i just threw it on” but really i wrote a whole bloody blog post about it.

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I’m going to go and have a look at Pinterest now and visualise my ideas for the coming months.

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