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2019, the year the New Year’s Resolution died.

2019, the year the New Year’s Resolution died.

Is it just me or has there been a distinct lack of New Year’s resolutions this year? In true 2019 fashion i’m relating what i’m talking about, to memes – i started to notice that “New Year’s resolutions culture” had died, when i hadn’t seen any memes about breaking them already on January 2nd..

I had almost completely forgotten about the whole “new year new me” thing until i heard a Slimming World (pause for ..ugh) advert use the phrase. It was that moment i knew the phrase everyone genuinely used a few years back had been reduced to a joke for my generation, but was dwindling on in marketing for the over 50s. Eventually it would be dead. I’ve come to realise that we (i’m addressing us as one big, all in this together group, very high school musical) have moved on from constantly setting ourselves huge unrealistic and probably unattainable goals, and have moved to things like “look after myself”.

All ambition is not lost, we’ve reached a point where we realise it’s all very well and good setting yourself goals like “run 10k everyday, eat 10 fruits and vegetables a day, see my friends at least twice a week ..all while keeping on top of a workload” will never happen without the right foundation. After all how the hell are we supposed to transform our lives on January 2nd, when the flat is still filled with the previous years mess?

Change can happen at any point of the year: on an afternoon in March when it’s no longer dark by 4pm and you feel a sudden burst of motivation, a Saturday morning in August when a heatwave has been going for 2 weeks strong and you’ve used up your entire summer wardrobe.. or a dark morning in mid January if you’re feeling more conventional. Set yourself a goal in January, why not? But don’t be embarrassed if it something along the lines of “removing my mascara properly”, i won’t tell..

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