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Finding luxury and affordability with Ghost Fragrances.

Finding luxury and affordability with Ghost Fragrances.

This post is in collaboration with Ghost Fragrances.

When in doubt, give fragrance. My time as a perfume counter girl has taught me, Christmas means fragrance. Gifting someone a special scent you know they either love already, or will fall in love with, remains one of the best presents you can buy. 

Having spent a lot of time around perfumes at Christmas in my past job I know how special of a gift it can be; but no matter how special the perfume, nothing beats the perfume gift set.  

This year Ghost Fragrances have changed the face of the perfume gift set. Forget a measly 30ml bottle with a body lotion you’ll never use, GHOST have taken their classic scents all in different coloured hues, and created the perfect presents around each fragrance. 

This winter GHOST take the colour spectrum of the Northern Lights as their inspiration, applying a festive prism of light across the Christmas campaign. Traditionally seen as a beacon of guidance and hope,  the gift sets are aligned with the various colours and symbolic meanings of the Northern Lights’ colour spectrum.

Never before have I seen such a well thought out perfume set as this Ghost Daydream EDT, with attention to detail from everything to the icy hue of the bottle matching a each piece of the set, to the genius picks inside themselves. The grown up yet adventurous nature of the fragrance is reflected in the contents: A small bottle for travel, a trinket tray to place trinkets from your travels on and a portable mirror all appeal to an adventurous side. But the full sized bottle, scented candle and bath salts cover you when you want to relax indoors. 

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I’m always about finding little luxuries in affordable places and this Ghost Daydream set marries the two perfectly, opening this is a luxury experience at a really good price point and that is very important to me at this time of year. It’s always tempting to fill a Santa’s sack with rubbish under the pressure of buying for Christmas in the current climate, but this is a gift that brings quality and quantity together: a luxurious gift at an affordable price, with the wow factor. The gift sets are available at Superdrug and are currently on offer for £34 usually £39.

It’s almost like the Northern Lights are guiding your gifting this Christmas. Which hue are you? Which hue will you choose?

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