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An autumn winter uniform

An autumn winter uniform

If i’m honest i’m wishing this warm weather away now, when i say warm i mean low twenties in October .. far too high. I’m hoping for consistently cool temperatures and a chill in the air, i want orange leaves on trees and that burr noise, the one British people make after they walk into a building after being out in the cold. However we’re getting there, and some mornings lately have been promisingly chilly.. and on those days i’ve been resorting to the same outfit each time.

The mornings are darker and definitely colder, and when i’m heading out of the house before 8 am (believe me, it happens) there’s only one coat i want to put my arms in and basically use as a blanket on the tube – although the tube is still very warm.. we’re getting there. 

This black aviator jacket with faux fur sleeves is from River Island, in my opinion, home of some of the best trans-seasonal outerwear.. or coats and jackets if you’re speaking english. I’m having to wear it with a t-shirt underneath at the minute to avoid heat stroke on the tube, but in two months time where the air is bitterly cold i won’t be feeling it wrapped in a jumper and this. 

For now i’m happy enough chucking this on over a t-shirt and jeans while i walk outside and folding it over my arm while i’m indoors; i hate this in-between stage of dressing where the need for an extra layer changes day by day, but it won’t be around for much longer. I see the aviator jacket as the parent to the biker: slightly heavier, more appropriate for colder temperatures, still a staple named after someone operating a mode of transport.

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Jens and a t-shirt, made more life appropriate with a good jacket, jazzy handbag and a pair of heeled boots, that’s my autumn uniform..

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