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5 to add to your autumn makeup and “product fatigue”.

5 to add to your autumn makeup and “product fatigue”.

I’ve kind of been shying away from writing about beauty for a while, once you’ve been doing it in pretty much the same way for nearly three years it can feel more of a burden than a chore. So for a while beauty posts were thin on the ground, it seemed like all or nothing: 4 posts a month or zero to do with beauty. I got product fatigue, no you haven’t missed a new phrase i did just make that up.. ever the professional. In short i got tired of a constant cycle of products. I started writing about beauty for a love of product, but when you’re switching between three different variations of the same thing in a week the love disappears. So i’ve had a break from beauty posts and i’ve (literally, just now) rolled up my sleeves and am ready to get back into it. 

I wanted to make this a very seasonal specific post, “In autumn my lips are…” “In autumn my face is ..” I find Autumn, much like spring is the season where we see the most significant change in weather; once spring changes to summer we’re already used to the sun, and once autumn changes to winter we’re fully accustomed to drizzle. Autumn brings cooler temperatures we haven’t seen for months but it also brings around a different style of living. For me autumn signifies the start of my busiest period: i have full days and evenings out, makeup actually does transition from day to night and my needs change. Let’s get on with this then shall we? 

In Autumn my lips are.. Dry. 

I mean everyones are, aren’t they? This one is pretty universal. Sometimes the most basic beauty product is the most exciting, a new cleanser, a mascara .. or a lip balm perhaps? After dropping a tiny open tin of lip balm onto a carpet that should’ve been hoovered 10 times over, i cut my losses and tossed it into the bin. My mind mentally went through the boxes of stockpiled products i have arranged on my bedroom floor, and i remembered that in the open box closest to my desk, i had something called a “Lip Fudge”.. a product i had been waiting to open until i inevitably lost my current tin. Lip Fudge is such an indulgent name isn’t it? Almost the perfect contrast to the beauty basic that is a lip balm. I love this stuff, it’s rich, slightly tinted (i have the shade rosewood) and thick like fudge… good enough to eat, but i wouldn’t recommend it. Bye bye autumnal dry lips, i’m making this transition easier.

In Autumn my skin is.. Dull.

Once again this is pretty universal, summer and the shall we say, “self heating” properties of makeup in the heat are long gone; and while that means longevity makes a return, dull dry patches sneak their way in too. I’ve never been one for a cream or liquid highlighter, a few take my fancy but the privileges of being able to “dab something here” and “buff something in there” don’t sit side by side with acne scar coverage.

Dr. Hauschka’s Illuminating fluid isn’t a highlighter as such, but something i’ve been using with my foundation to make things a little bit more luminous. Coupled with, hands down one of the best affordable concealers i’ve ever tried in the form of the C.Y.O “It’s A Cover Up” concealer pot, i’ve got a high coverage base that doesn’t look flat. I pretty much cover my face in the Dr Hauschka fluid, (think more of a sheen than “tin man silver” liquid highlight) conceal any really red patches using the C.Y.O concealer, blend with my fingers tips and finish with my foundation. The C.Y.O concealer is £5 and a dream, so creamy, such good coverage and with a few seconds of application time. Who said high coverage had to be flat?

Of course i have a new highlighter for the season: a silky soft golden powder to top off my base and bring life to my autumn face with a warmer glow. Kiko bridges the gap between high end feel and quality, with affordable pricing and their powder products are hard to beat. The Dark Treasure collection limited edition for autumn is infused with charcoal and diamond dust, yes, diamond dust.. meaning this powder is incredibly soft, pure and glides across the skin. 

In Autumn my eyes are .. Warm

Unlike today’s “post equinox” lower temperatures, my eye makeup in autumn is warm toned. Yes like most i went through a phase of going as orange as possible in past autumns, but this time around i’m on a much more bronzy, browny, pinky hued hype. Lately i’ve been tapping into the Winky Lux Bellini palette to nail my perfect idea of an autumn eye, slightly shimmery with warm browns and pinks. When i’m in a rush but i still want an autumnal eye i’ve been reaching for the Kiko Metal foil eyeshadow (also from the autumn dark treasures collection) in the shade Copper Alchemy, i pack this onto my lid and it transforms a matte base to a warm shimmer. Also perfect for jazzing up a look if you’ve had your eyeshadow on for a while, and it’s beginning to look dull. 

This post contains PR samples. 

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