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The pieces making my summer wardrobe, aka not just jeans and a top

The pieces making my summer wardrobe, aka not just jeans and a top

Before this summer i found summer dressing really hard; i’m never committed enough to keep up my fake tan routine, i’m not a dress person and the general idea of having milk bottle skin on show doesn’t appeal to me. My “summer wardrobe” was never really a summer wardrobe at all, it just meant not wearing a jacket and wearing every t-shirt i own for the three months that it’s too warm to wear anything else.  But things have changed around here, i’m broadening my horizons and just kind of.. dressing better. These are the pieces making my summer wardrobe.


The striped, light trouser

Okay, so maybe these wouldn’t work in 31 degree humidity like i’m currently sat in; but on days where it’s still blummin warm and i either a, haven’t shaved my legs or b, i’m not quite feeling brave enough for shorts these have saved me. They’re both lightweight and light in colour, so they reflect the light and keep me cool.. and i look like a Brighton stick of rock which is an obvious plus.


The midi length

This is potentially one of my favourite additions to my summer wardrobe, because before this season i didn’t have a single midi length item to my name, and now it’s one of my go to looks. Dresses and skirts are made for summer, you’re free, breezy and nothing is sticking to your legs. Sounds idilic until you realise you’re flashing your cheeks (and not the ones on your face), to everyone walking up stairs behind you, and find whilst sitting down you look as if you’re not wearing anything at all. Here comes the midi length to save us from the horrors; still practical for warm weather but minimal risk of indecent exposure, and lots of them have a slit somewhere to avoid things getting too grannyish.


The white shirt with a twist

Everyone loves a white shirt, it’s clean, classic and easy but although i own a lot of collard items i’m not actually too fond of them. I wanted something in a cotton shirt material, you know that kind of crinkly traditional fabric but without the boxy collar, and i found it in a corset waist t-shirt from Topshop in the sale. I went looking for something specific and i found it, £6.30 later and a previously £26 top was mine. In the classic white shirt material i wanted, but with 3/4 length sleeves and a rounded neck, kind of like your white shirt, and then some. I’m not one for “this is the COLOUR of the season” but i went to an event with 7 people, and 5 out of the 7 were wearing white shirts or white shirt dresses, so that must mean something right?

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So there we have it, i’m no longer chained to the t-shirt and jeans combo, and i’m liking it.

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