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Hotel stays and hairstyles

Hotel stays and hairstyles

Hotels and hairstyles, can you think of any better 2 Hs? Does that make any sense? No..? We’ll go with it anyway. Two weeks ago i had probably one of the best 24 hours i’ve ever experienced, staying at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho with Goldwell Kerasilk.


I remember tweeting once about imagining being able to select anything other than the cheapest option of hotel room; and i feel like thinking back to that, it probably means that this trip has ticked a life goal off my list. I checked into a suite at the Ham Yard Hotel, met with flowers, branded cupcakes and the bathroom filled with Kerasilk products. Am i living in a real life Disney movie? Am i a princess? Yet to be confirmed.


But you’re thinking “Maria you don’t have coloured hair” Or maybe you’re not, but lets pretend you are.. At the time I’m writing this, i do now! I didn’t only stay overnight at the Ham Yard, but also got my hair dyed the next morning using the new Kerasilk colour brilliance service at the Whiteman Salon just across from the hotel. See there’s method in the hotel madness after all.

Before we get onto the hair service from the next morning we can’t just bypass the products i found in my room that evening…


Coloured hair takes a little bit more tlc than what i had before, but i think i speak for everyone when i say you want to be able to care for it without maximum effort. Like most salon brands you don’t have to revert back to rubbish when you walk out of the salon doors, you can buy the Goldwell Kerasilk products specifically for home use to care for your colour.

I’ve integrated the Goldwell Kerasilk products into my routine ever since i got it dyed, and they’ve really been keeping my colour alive. I was so worried that dye would leave my hair dry and damaged, but it’s actually feeling really healthy and i have to put that down to these products. I’ve loved using salon brand products in my hair at home for a while now, there’s something about the scent that makes you feel like you’re your own professional hairdresser and the results are always better.

Out of everything the shampoo, conditioner and blow dry spray have to be my favourites; the shampoo and conditioner are purple tinted to keep my colour cool but still feel really gentle. The blow dry spray ticks a box i had been missing with all my other heat protectant sprays, the nozzle actually dispenses properly! Finally. I don’t know about anyone else but i’ve always found it’s hard to cover your whole head without massively overloading on product, but this actually sprays in a way that disperses the product over your hair in a few sprays. Perfect.


After a pretty relaxing evening of room service, Love Island.. and more room service i headed to sleep (in the biggest bed i’ve ever seen), and anticipated my hair makeover the next morning.

I spent a lot of the next day in the Whiteman Salon within the Ham Yard itself, a Goldwell salon where they used the Kerasilk colour brilliance service to dye and treat my hair. I didn’t want anything too drastic so we went for an ashy balayage, and with the use of the Kerasilk products i’d get a really glossy healthy finish.


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It’s hard to get pictures while you’ve got your head covered in bleach and cling film but you get the picture. After a few tones, trips to the skin and an email replying session in the chair i was ready.

I’ve got cooler, lighter and shinier hair for the summer. Although in the picture below the overhead lighting is making my head look like i’ve adopted 3,000 flyaways, i haven’t. Good colour can be one of the hardest things to achieve, but Goldwell salons are really colour focused so with the Kerasilk service and products my dream colour was so easily attained.


I am so unbelievably happy with my colour for summer, but even happier with the condition my hair was left in after the service. Often salons find it hard to get the (for want of a better word) vibe you’re going with for your hair, with problems getting the colour cool enough – but the Kerasilk colour service was perfect.

 Find your nearest Goldwell salon here and find out more about the Kerasilk products here.   

This post contains gifted items and experiences.

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  • These products sound and look amazing. I can’t stand going to salons, with thick, long hair like yours, it’s so pricey! I’ve had numerous hairdressers mess up my colour, leaving me with horrifically dried out hair as well as the wrong colour and cut!!!! Perhaps I was too shy and useless actually saying what I wanted, but it’s put me off going back. So I stick to box dye and am always on the look out for really good nourishing products! Your hair looks beautiful. (Plus, that hotel!!!!!! Uhh, a dream).

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