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Changing up travel style with Radley

Changing up travel style with Radley


Travelling can be stressful at the best of times. When you’re juggling a suitcase, a handbag and refusing to put your phone in your pocket just incase, you’re left with no free hands and a hell of a lot of airport travel sweat. A lot of the time i’m left in this situation because i’ve chosen style over comfort, here i am strolling along with my rose gold suitcase pretending like i haven’t got a care in the world..but one handle slip later and this could go stylishly down hill.


Recently however i went on an overnight stay, rose gold suitcase very much in hand – however this time i arrived breezy, calm and managed to navigate the tube with my luggage without stress. How you ask? I’ve left my 3 extra bags behind and adopted a backpack.

Usually when i think “backpack” i imagine American movies with high school teens, and a lot of weird beige green colours.. but this backpack is the type of bag you proudly place on your knees on the tube, you see other people look at that little dog and those creamy leather stripes, and you know it’s being admired. This backpack is Radley. This is probably the biggest meeting of stylish and practical you’ve ever seen; i can fit everything i need in here, (and everything i don’t need but drag out with me anyway) without looking like i’ve got a bag big enough for the kitchen sink.


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I used to think there was a sacrifice to be made between stylish and practical, and without sounding like a tv sales person – this actually does both. When i had the opportunity to pick a bag from Radley there was one common theme: Classic. I feel like it would be a mistake to pick a backpack that really fitted a trend that had just recently blown up, like in 2013 when everyone wanted galaxy print leggings and matching backpacks, i went for something classic so i could use the backpack over the years and still have it fit my style.

Without sounding like the biggest geek there is, my favourite thing about this is being hands free. I’m like a taxi driver with a bluetooth headpiece except.. i’m not, but the freedom is the same. I’ve adopted the classic style of Radley into my wardrobe and i’m not going back, i’ll never travel the same again.

This post is in partnership with Radley. 

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