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Treating my feet with M&S

Treating my feet with M&S

Paid partnership with Marks & Spencer.

I don’t drive and i live in London, you know what that means? A whole lot of walking. While that is often refreshing in the cooler months, during the summer i find myself tripping over my own feet when the heat takes it’s toll on them, after my 10,000 steps (apparently that’s what we should all be aiming for now..)

Navigating the city or even the streets while you’re on holiday can be a painstaking experience if you haven’t got the right shoes on. I heard someone say the other day “there’s no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothes” and i take from that the sense that if you prepare you can’t go wrong, and it’s the same with your shoes.

This is how i’m treating my feet, to get the perfect foundation for a perfect summer.


Treating my feet to new sandals:

I’ve always struggled with summer dressing, but i feel like I’ve been getting the hang of it lately – i’m leaving behind my go to summer outfit of jeans and a t-shirt, with midi dresses taking their place.  A light material with a centre split gives me, for want of a better word, a breezy feel.

Of course a summer outfit wouldn’t be complete without the sandals; like my go to uniform of jeans and a t-shirt i never used to stray from trainers all year round.. doing lots of walking meant sandals were a no go because they equalled feet slipping and lots of blisters. That was until i discovered Mark’s and Spencer’s sandals with Insolia®.

I love a heeled mule sandal but i’ve always found them punishing on my feet, many a time have i found myself walking home seriously considering going bare foot because it’d actually be comfier than what i had on my feet, but no more.

M&S’ sandals are designed with Insolia®. Endorsed by the UK College of Podiatrists, they redistribute weight on your foot, reducing pressure and increasing ankle stability (and as someone who goes over on her ankles far too many times to count that is very useful). Wearing these sandals is like no other sandal experience i’ve ever had, my feet don’t ache and my toes don’t rub, my feet don’t feel like they’re heavily pressing down on the ground but literally floating on a cushioned sole.


I have no problem going all day in these, M&S Sandals have shown me style and comfort can go hand in hand without having to carry around an extra pair of shoes in my handbag.

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Treating my feet to an at home pedicure:


A few weeks ago i put a picture on my instagram story showing myself doing a DIY pedicure on my toes (in a bucket). Summer seems to come around, i get nice open toed sandals and realise my feet look like they belong in an episode of the walking dead, so part of me treating my feet comes down to actually treating them. We all know the M&S beauty department is incredible, so it makes it the perfect place to pick up products for an at home pedicure. I don’t do anything major but a soak, soften, file and polish keeps my feet happy when the weather is warm.

My feet and my sandals are London summer proof, what do you do to treat your feet in summer?  

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Paid partnership with M&S.

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