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Summer showers, bathroom beauty

Summer showers, bathroom beauty


During summer (particularly while on holiday) i’ve been known to have two showers a day, much to the annoyance of whoever i’m sharing a bathroom with. There’s something about the feeling that comes with the combination of warm air and suncream that only a shower can fix, and only recently did i realise.. my shower routine has evolved with the weather.

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Kicking off with body care and something i work through at lightening speed: shower gel. You’d be wrong in thinking that this has to be a boring daily ritual, i’m a firm believer that every part of a beauty routine can be luxurious and switching up my shower gel has really proven this. During the Autumn Winter festive seasons you’ll find spiced apple, vanilla and cinnamon scented products in my bathroom – am i matching them to my candle choices? Probably. Likewise in spring summer everything takes a fruiter, fresher turn.

If i’m showering in the evening i like something rich, and the Patisserie De Bain strawberry cupcake bath and shower creme is just that, summery sweet but with a creme texture to perfectly finish off the day and bring me into the evening. If my day calls for a morning shower there is one addition i now wouldn’t be without, the Urban Veda Purifying Body wash – fresh enough for warm summer days with a minty finish that’ll definitely help in kick starting the morning. I had never really thought about making specific choices with my shower gel before this but these have opened my eyes to how much of an impact they can make on your shower, be it starting off your day or helping to finish it.

Spring equals the rebirth of fake tan season, i’m never really bothered about tanning during winter but come spring my ultimate goal is to become a bronzed goddess .. or just slightly less pale.. I want to do a whole post on self tanning soon so i won’t delve into it too much, but what i will say is that this Sunkissed body primer is both affordable and brilliant, you can get this for as little as £1.99 sometimes and considering it contains fruit AHAs is a real bargain. But more on that soon..

No body care routine would be complete without hydration and that always leads me back to Palmer’s, come summer they’re one of the only brands i reach for – i want to be coco scented 24/7 okay? This is just one of many of their body moisturisers from the cocoa formula range, but i’m also a coconut addict and love their body butter for my knees, elbows and wrists ( basically the bits that need the most attention when i fake tan ) .

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Onto haircare and two products that have literally changed my hair game all together from Tropic. I feel like putting an arrow here and saying if you’re going to take note of anything here, make it this. The Clarifying hair wash is the only shampoo i have used that allows me to go three days without washing my hair, usually i wash it every other day but whilst using this i can leave it that one extra day without it looking or feeling greasy. I’ve been using it in conjunction with the Hair Feast and after my first use of these i noticed a difference; i came home after having been in Central London for a few hours, touched my hair and it felt like it was freshly washed. At that point i couldn’t remember what i had done differently, but i soon caught on to it being down to the tropic products i had used the night before; my hair was clean, soft and not greasy at all which are not words you’d usually associate with travelling on the Central Line at rush hour.

Not only does the Hair Wash leave my hair feeling super clean (but not squeaky, never squeaky) the Hair Feast leaves it so soft and conditioned but not weighed down; it almost has a minty scent with a really summery coconut undertone to it, like actual summer in a bottle. I hate taking ages to rinse out a conditioner (hello, upper arm strength or lack of) but one thing i love about the Hair Feast is that it doesn’t take ages to wash out, the texture isn’t a really thick mask feeling but has all of the same benefits.

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The next two products should have big old “use with caution” stickers on them, because if you use too much you’ll end up like a stringy mess (trust me i learnt the hard way) but using the correct small amount gives perfect results.

They’re both post wash pre styling products, one an oil and the other a balm – i wouldn’t use them together but separately when my hair needs them. No matter what my hair is doing i pretty much always use an oil and when my hair is feeling dry i reach for this, the Tropic Hair Smooth radiance oil. But when i say i reach for this, i don’t go about using half the bottle on my head in one application: one pump for each side is my rule, so two for the entire head. It’s well absorbed and has a really silky texture, which might make you get a little bit trigger happy with the pump..but trust me when i say a little goes a long way to hydrate, smooth and add shine.

The Percy & Reed wonder balm is another one to use sparingly but works a serious miracle. I generally use this on my ends and maybe some on my baby hairs during periods of humidity to keep the frizz at bay and to prolong a style, and it really works. I’ve never owned a product like this before, it’s actually a hair primer – almost like a foundation primer to help smoothen out the hair and make styling stay in place longer. I put a lot of trust in makeup primers and i’m now putting a lot of trust into this, who knew primer for your hair was a thing!

Summer showers, bathroom beauty.

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