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Shaking up my serum collection

Shaking up my serum collection


Serum, the middle of the skincare sandwich .. you wouldn’t miss out a key ingredient between the two slices of bread so why would you skip this? I ask that as someone who had never really delved into the world of serums, beyond the £7.99  “acne fighting” tubes you find in the isle at Boots until recently, and oh how my life (and my face), has changed.


Let’s talk the clear glass bottle shall we? The one that still looks full. I’ll let you into a secret, the bottle was half empty when i decided to take these photos, so i emptied the rest into a temporary container and filled it up with water for the photos – now that’s a behind the scenes.

I wanted to start with the Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Acid because it’s exactly that, pure. It has very few ingredients and feels almost like a shot of hydration for the skin, no mess or fuss.. sort of like a “does what it says on the tin” but in a really nice glass bottle instead. If dehydration is the concern this will fix it, it works perfectly under moisturiser to bond everything together and suck in all that moisture (if you came here for scientific language you’re in the wrong place). I don’t want to use the word clinical because that comes with bad connotations, but clinical in a good way – a clean, minimalistic simplistic way. Skincare that works and would fit well in a scandi style home to boot.


Still not cheap, but the cheapest out of the bunch is Lumene Glow Boost Essence, the first out of the three i tried and the catalyst to this post. I took a picture of this one day in the bathroom for my instagram story with the caption “This stuff is GREAT” and to be honest that’s all you really want to know right? I could leave at that, but i was so blown away by this that i have to have a few more lines of enthusiasm. There’s a reason this stuff has 59 glowing reviews on FeelUnique, after using this just a few times my skin was clearer, brighter and smoother .. you could say my glow was well and truly boosted.

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Finally we have that deliciously luxe bottle from Bobbi Brown, the Intensive Skin Supplement. Again you’re probably thinking Maria, that looks full? You’re right, i’ve only used this for about 2 weeks but i still wanted to include it for that exact reason, it’s already had such a positive impact on my skin. Forgetting about the last 3 days where my skin has had a little freakout, other than that my skin has honestly never been better since using this. At the same time of getting this i started using some other Bobbi Brown skincare and i do think it’s a combination of a few of those products, but this serum is definitely a key player in the difference i’ve seen in my skin. I would’ve originally been put off by the term Anti-Age written on the bottle, but a BBPro recommended it to me and on first application i fell in love – it’s thicker than the others but not thick, sinks in immediately and works wonders with my moisturiser.

I am in love with serums and will never be without them again, a hydration sandwich if you will.

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