Breakfast with a view and changing up my hairstyle with Scünci

What could be better than scrambled eggs on a brioche bun and an endless stream of tea? Scrambled eggs on a brioche bun and tea, 1000 ft over London at the Shard. Two weeks ago i had breakfast in possibly the most goals (for want of a better word) location there is, at Aqua Shard with Scünci to celebrate the extension of their line in everyones favourite store, Primark.


Can we talk about how beautiful this set up is? Not only was the scrambled egg the greatest i've ever eaten, i was also surrounded by croissants and flowers which is pretty much all i've ever wanted in life. Other than the tables of breakfast foods there was a huge table with the new additions to Scünci's line, i have a lot of hair so this table was particularly interesting to me - my mane always needs to be tamed.

I'm never too adventurous with my hair, but with a new stash of Scünci accessories i gave a few of them ago..

scunci 5

We're well and truly in wedding season now, so the first thing that caught my eye we're the hair twists shaped like little flowers. These instantly made me think of wedding guests and spring flower girls, but could even be part of a festival hair look too. I've never used anything like these before but i'm actually surprised at how much i like them, and just how much of a nice touch they add to a hairstyle - i've just twisted them into my hair while it's down, but i think they'd also make a great addition to a braid or as part of an up do.

scunci 1

No i'm not brushing my hair with a toothbrush.. well i suppose i kind of am.. This is the new Scünci Messy Texture Brush which you can run up and down a style to add texture, or use the hook on the end of the brush to pull sections out of a style and give it a messy un done look. I've also been using this as a little backcomb, but don't let the word backcomb give you 2008 horror flashbacks - because this is so small you can be really precise, and add volume without over doing it.

scunci 2
scunci 3
scunci 8
scunci 4
scunci 6

Those little plastic hoops in the flaylay above are Topsytails, one of my favourite Scünci products. Initially seeing these i thought they were something i could never get my head around, but they actually help to create some really pretty styles in a matter of seconds. I have been blessed (or not so blessed) with mickey mouse ears, so i like to keep them covered at all times; the Topsytail allows me to keep hair out of my face with a half up half down, without the world being able to see my ears. These are styles i'd wear on a day to day basis to make my hair look a little more done without maximum effort, and even i managed to figure them out.

scunci 7

Hair bands. In my life i've probably purchased close to 500 hairbands, and eventually lost nearly every single one; either you end up losing them, they snap or they just don't hold your hair up. If you couldn't already tell I've got a lot of hair, and regular hairbands struggle to do their job but not these little magical bands. I know i can't make hairbands sound like the most exciting thing ever, but the fact the no slip grip just do the job makes me over excited - i have one in my hair right now and my ponytail is not moving anywhere.

Which style is your favourite? 

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items and a gifted experience. 



  1. May 20, 2018 / 2:18 pm

    This sounds and looks like an amazing experience. I love eating somewhere were there is an amazing view!
    I like the plastic hoops and how you used them. I love playing around with hair styles like this! xo

  2. May 22, 2018 / 3:35 pm

    OMG! that is the best spot to have breakfast ever (and the breakfast looks SO delicious as well!) also, i have got the same problem with hair bands. haha.

  3. May 29, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    That breakfast looks amazing! I am hungry now.
    Also your hair is gorgeous 😀 Haven’t really heard of this brand before but have to check them out now

  4. June 2, 2018 / 4:33 pm

    Wow what a place to have breakfast…I wouldn’t say no lol. I like this brand and love the metal free hair bands. And girl you can never have too many hair grips, slides, bobby pins etc, etc. I love the two hair styles you created sorry I couldn’t choose just one they’re both fab Maria : ) xo


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