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The bag that changed my mind

The bag that changed my mind


Upon writing this i’ve already instagrammed a picture with the hashtag #ILoveThisBagSoMuch, so you can see where this is going; this post does what it says on the tin, i love this bag so much that i wrote an entire post about it.


When i say the words “Paul’s Boutique” what comes to mind? Zebra print? A massive keyring with what looks like party streamers hanging off it? Or how about a lot of neon pink? If you haven’t got a clue about what I’m talking about i’ll do a brief history (oh, and you clearly weren’t on trends in 2008 if you’re not familiar). Paul’s Boutique used to be known for all the things listed above, and it was huge. I remember being an 11 year old desperate for anything Paul’s Boutique, it was the time where brands were big and the only way to dress was to have a label splashed across you, that is if you were under 14..

I was surprised then when i saw an email in my inbox from Paul’s Boutique one afternoon, in all honestly i thought the brand was no more, and initially had horror flash backs to the neon pink, animal print days. I started thinking through the polite ways to turn down an offer, until i clicked on the S/S18 look book and it felt like the world around me changed. The bags were, for want of a better phrase, bloody beautiful. I couldn’t believe my eyes, i called my mum into the living room where i was sat and gave her the “remember Paul’s Boutique?” line, turned the laptop screen towards her and her eyes widened like mine.

Paul’s Boutique has gone through the real life transformation of Mia in the princess diaries.


I might be indecisive as it is, but choosing a bag from the look book was the hardest decision i’ve had to make since my daily conundrum of “what do i eat for lunch today?” (tuna pasta, obvs). I must’ve sat for half an hour working through a process of elimination, visiting their Instagram page and looking at different pictures on the website, but the Poppy bag had caught my eye from the second i opened that document. So i made my decision, (after much tab opening and closing) that i would pick the Poppy bag in navy.

I don’t know what happened to my mind, but i must’ve thought about this bag everyday until it arrived; i had events to go to that i’d be annoyed at for happening before my bag had arrived, i’m not even kidding. My bag arrived the day before i had a meeting in one of London’s fanciest hotels and i was itching to use it, i left my house with my new bag in hand and in my head was my own voice saying “yeah that’s right people on the street, ‘ave a look at my new bag”. I’m obsessed.

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This bag is a talking point, i got to my meeting and all three people there immediately commented on my bag, and i had every pleasure in over excitedly telling them that it was Paul’s Boutique..”remember, that brand from ages ago!” On the way out the doorman even said “That’s a nice bag, where’s it from?” I practically skipped down oxford street, i didn’t have my stuff thrown loosely in a black handbag anymore, i’m a girl with a GOOD handbag now. It was like i was in a commercial for the handbag, you couldn’t make up the amount of people who asked me about it that day, or i caught eyeing it up on the tube.


If you couldn’t already tell i’m so enthusiastic about the transformation this brand has undergone, the bags are truly beautiful and clearly made to the highest standard. I think it’s important to write here that although Paul’s Boutique sent me this bag, they haven’t asked me to write a blog post.. they never even mentioned it – i just bloody love this bag.

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