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A weekend away with Adexe

A weekend away with Adexe

A hotel stay is a bloggers dream, instagrammable interiors, endless pyjama shots and enough mini croissants to shake a stick at.. a few weeks ago i lived that dream, on a weekend away with Adexe Watches.


We stayed at the Moxy hotel in stratford, a hotel built around social media, literally. I honestly couldn’t think of a better place to bring a group of bloggers, the wifi name is a hashtag and digital screens in the bar show instagram posts tagged #AtTheMoxy, i even saw a few faces i recognised from instagram up on the walls.

Walking into the hotel room was like walking into all of my instagram dreams come true; my bed covered in pastel coloured balloons along with balloons in the shape of my initials.. personalisation was everywhere, our names even written on the mirror.

On the picture to the side of this text you can see a sneak peek of the itinerary for the two days, the sleepover happening first and the Adexe watch hunt happening the next day.


On the bed (along with the balloons) were the goodie bags, containing products to create the perfect paper evening. Oils from Lola’s apothecary, hydrogel face masks from Skin Republic, nail varnishes from All that jazz and skincare from Sond.  I always find it interesting to see what other bloggers get in their goodie bags after an event, so i wanted to include that as a little behind the scenes of something i wouldn’t usually list.


After changing into more photo worthy outfits (OTK boots were in abundance) we made our way downstairs to the bar area of the Moxy, where a salsa dance lesson was taking place. There’s some interesting photos from this part of the evening where you can see the girls salsa dancing, but if you look passed them you can see myself and a couple of my blogger friends watching on from the snack table. We literally moved the carrot sticks and humus over to where we could watch the dancing and kept pretty close to the snacks, nothing gets between me and humus.

After my time with the snacks it was time for dinner; as i write this i’ve just finished eating a pizza, it’s one of my favourite foods so it’s a good thing that was what greeted us at the table. Also present at the table were black Adexe boxes with “wear me” tags, scroll up back to the first two pictures if you want to see the beautiful watch i was given: The meek petite marshmallow. (Which is the best name i’ve hear for a watch, ever).

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You might have seen on my instagram stories the madness that was the Adexe watch hunt the next morning, in pairs we ran around Stratford completing tasks and solving riddles – all to compete for some pretty good prizes. My partner was my friend Tabby and we were pretty sure we had it in the bag until we came 4th.. out of 5. Although it was like everyone was a winner, (even as cliche as that sounds), because everyone got prizes, my favourites being absolutely beautiful cupcakes from Lola’s Cupcakes and the oils from Lola’s apothecary in the most beautiful glass bottles.

The weekend was a wonderful experience, i just need to spend more time in hotel rooms now so i can use them to shoot blog posts..

Disclaimer: This post contains a gifted experience and gifted items. 

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