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The dreamiest afternoon tea

The dreamiest afternoon tea


There isn’t anything better than being able to have what is basically a second lunch that involves cake of an afternoon, to say i’m partial to an afternoon tea would be an understatement. Extra points if the afternoon tea is held at an instagrammable location? Check. And with a long term fave brand? Check.


If you follow me on Instagram (yes I’ve already grammed, but who could blame me) you’ll have seen two weeks ago i had afternoon tea at Palm Vaults with GHOST, to celebrate their newest fragrance GHOST Dream.


Every inch of Palm Vaults was amended to fit the GHOST Dream theme; with a special menu for the treat, complete with rose lattes, a handful of fragrance bottles on the tables and pillows in matching colours to the fragrances’ reflective shades.

GHOST Dream’s bottle is prismatic, with almost violet tones running through it, and i can’t think of a better location to match this scent – with the pink, purple and green tones of Palm Vaults to compliment. I’ve actually already included GHOST Dream in a post before, but with somewhere as photogenic as Palm Vaults and a collection of photos to be used, talking about it again can’t hurt right?

GHOST Dream is described as multifaceted, almost like the bottle if you’re like me and fragrance describing is not your strong point stay with me, lets go through it the simple way. The most unique thing about this scent is the Aquaflora note, it gives the scent this floral but fresh nature, so you can really see why all the campaign pictures are centred around water. Pull those notes together with the jasmine, violet and musk, gives it that dimension where it’s both fresh, floral and musky.

I’d say this was an evening scent, well it would be for me anyway – if you’re someone who likes a barely there light scent this wouldn’t be for you. This is a true perfume, one that people will notice.


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“Beauty, happiness, peace” is the tagline around this fragrance and that was reflected in the afternoon tea. A truly beautiful, peaceful afternoon tea to celebrate Mother’s Day; think pink drinks, vegan cakes and dainty little avocado sandwiches (and i can confirm the avocado was at perfect ripeness).


This fragrance is such an experience, it’s really beautiful and something completely different from GHOST. Also heads up, right now retailers that stock GHOST Dream are giving away the blue and purple Dream pillows with purchases over 50ml; mine is sitting pride of place on my bed, so pop into Superdrug or The Fragrance Shop to give it a sniff.

This post contains gifted items.

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