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New on the fragrance shelf for spring

New on the fragrance shelf for spring

If there’s one time during the year that i shake up my perfume it’s spring; out go the deep dark fragrances that were worn on ice cold evenings during sparkly dress season, and in come the florals and sweet spritzes.


I’ve actually had a few additions to my fragrance shelf recently, but i wanted to talk about two in a post together which are almost on opposite ends of the spectrum – both fairly “Springish” but both very different. The first being L.K. Bennett Signature, the first ever fragrance from L.K. Bennett.

Whenever i think of L.K. Bennett i think of classic, timeless style and the faces most known for wearing the brand like my hair goals Kate Middleton. The fragrance is completely in line with those same thoughts, completely timeless from the bottle to the scent itself.

The scent is floral, the jasmine is prominent but the woody notes at the bottom keep it rich and give it that warm scent, which i can never quite describe. This is what i would call an almost comforting fragrance, it sits really well on the skin and lasts perfectly throughout the day, getting softer but really keeping it’s scent. It’s definitely a grown up fragrance, think afternoon tea rather than a cheeky nando’s, but that keeps inline with L.K. Bennett’s Signature style. (Signature..get it)


The next fragrance is something i’ve only owned for about two weeks but i have truly fallen in love, since getting this every other fragrance has fallen by the wayside. It’s Amo Ferragamo, the new fragrance from Salvatore Ferragamo; a brand i could instantly recognise but one i had never tried a fragrance from, before this.


About two weeks ago i attended the launch of Amo, it was at Tonight Josephine and you know when an event is held there it’s got to be good. Walking down the stairs i was immediately greeted by the scent – i’m not sure if it was just because there were so many bottles of Amo in the room, or if it had been purposely sprayed.. either way it worked because i was hooked.

Amo Ferragamo is young, light, sweet and fresh rolled into one, all while having serious lasting power. It’s the type of fragrance you just want to keep spraying on yourself and that doesn’t happen often, i’d really recommend going into The Fragrance Shop and testing this out because it’s become a firm favourite of mine.

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Night or day this just works, it’s one for the sweet scent lovers so bare that in mind.


Sweet and fresh or floral and warm, which one do you go for during spring? 

This post contains gifted items.

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