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Joining the Generation Charm Club

Joining the Generation Charm Club

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I’ve spoken before about reading Vogue in my early teens, flicking through the big A4 ads able to recognise every brand name – one of which being Thomas Sabo. I remember specifically being on an aeroplane and pointing out Thomas Sabo jewellery to my mum; it was a brand i always noticed and something about it held my attention more than any other brand featured. I mean, the fact i can recall pointing out one advertisement in a 300 page magazine says to me that it really struck a cord. Years on and i’m no longer staring at the page in a magazine, i’ve joined the renowned Thomas Sabo Charm Club for myself, with it’s revolutionised new look in the Generation Charm Club.


The original Thomas Sabo Charm Club launched in 1995, but on February 16th it had a revamp to become Generation Charm Club. Originally i always thought of charm bracelets as something quite young and childlike, but Generation Charm Club has showed me otherwise. Part of that comes from the ability to completely personalise the pieces, but also because i have been swapping pieces with my mum, wearing the charms in different ways making them fit two completely different age groups. (and mum if you’re reading this, no i’m not saying you’re old ..just older than me.)


The beauty of Generation Charm Club comes in it’s unique ability to create a collection, where two people with charms, necklaces and bracelets from the same collection look like they’re wearing two completely different looks – because they are. A few years back it was common to spot someone out and about wearing the same coat or carrying the same bag as you, but we’ve really reached a time where personal style is at the forefront. Rather than having the same as everyone else and wearing it the same, you may have the same bag but with the addition of personal style two people will wear it completely differently, and Generation Charm club manifests itself in that.

Charms like star signs, (which i swear by if i’ve never mentioned that, typical virgo.) letters and symbols will all carry personal meaning to the wearer. One person may pick a cactus charm to remind them of their trip to the desert, while another may choose it because of their love of gardening, a nickname, anything – because the meaning is personal to the wearer.


Layering necklaces and charms

Sometimes i look at myself in the mirror in a jumper or plain top and something is just missing, days like this are when the new long necklaces complete with their extra-large charms really come into play. Above you can see the new brightly coloured Thomas Sabo drawer boxes that the pieces come in, you can even pick the colour of box you want, hello personalisation.

The long necklaces start off life as beautiful sterling silver necklaces, complete with sterling silver circles on the end to attach charms to, i chose the 70cm Charm Necklace. The necklaces then find their style with complete personalisation from the wearer, attaching the new extra large charms in mixed metal finishes, creating charm sets completely unique compared to others. I wanted to go for a really simplistic look that still made a statement, choosing the Mother of Pearl triangle pendant and Vertical Bar Charm, to create a elongated layered look which will be key for Spring Summer. I tend to stick with silver for necklaces, but mixing metal finishes is something that has really been raising it’s head lately and i can see that being huge in S/S18 too. The charms can be worn on any of the necklaces: long, short or both layered at once.

Picking the charms and seeing my own sets come to life made me feel as if i was designing my own jewellery, i’ve never known any jewellery brand to have this much freedom when picking pieces. 


The charm bracelet reimagined

Charms are often bought as gifts or to commemorate life’s special moments, so the choice of charms in the new Generation Charm Club is perfect. Everything you could imagine, from letters and symbols to animals, shapes and star signs – whether you want to get a charm to remember something like an anniversary, or hop on the flamingo trend like so many people have, the point is it’s completely down to you.

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Although i stuck to silver for my necklace, the mix of yellow gold, rose gold and silver is very on-trend and that came to light in my Rose Gold Charm Bracelet, layered with a little Secret Circle pink textile bracelet to complement the rose gold. And if you’re a more yellow gold person, Generation Charm club bracelets now come in sterling silver with 18k yellow gold vermeil plating.

To my bracelet i attached a Sterling Silver Cactus Charm to resonate with my memories of my trip to the desert as a child, a Bar Charm which can be engraved for further personalisation and last but not least, a Yellow Gold Carrier to get a pop of yellow gold to go with the rose and silver, which more charms can be attached to when i grow my collection. I wanted to layer the charm bracelet with the textile bracelet for a really specific reason: The textile bracelet reminded me of a string friendship bracelet i bought with my best friend when we were in college. The string bracelet got old and eventually had to be cut off, but because this textile bracelet is Thomas Sabo quality and can be easily removed, i can wear this as a reminder of the string friendship bracelet i once had.


My own Generation Charm Club creations work perfectly alongside other Thomas Sabo pieces, i’ve completely fallen in love with the quality of these pieces, i’ve even had people picking up the necklace and commenting about the mother of perl charm around my neck. But if you’re the something like 5% of men that read my blog you haven’t been left out: Many of the charms are seen as unisex, particularly the Vintage Rebel collections. And because the collection is so focused on personal choice you choose exactly what you want to wear, whether it’s a pink flamingo or a silver skull.

I felt like my very own jewellery designer creating these pieces, who wouldn’t want to know absolutely nobody else has the same combination as you? S/S18 i’m ready for you.

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