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Embracing the style i love on instagram

Embracing the style i love on instagram


I love a beautifully crisp photo, something that looks like it could’ve been taken right from the pages of a magazine..a blurred background, the lot. I fell in love with this style of imagery on blogs, after a while i bought a camera and the good old 45 mm lens and had my own answer to the perfect shot. I was so happy with it, i still am when it comes to blog photos, but i realised i was falling in love with a different style of imagery on the side when it came to Instagram.


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Back before summer 2017 i had deemed it an actual crime to take photos on my phone, (okay the police wouldn’t come running but y’know.) I was used to using my camera and thought it was some sort of “standard” people would expect from me, until i took a step back and re-thought my account. I’ve never been bored of blogging, since the day i started i’ve never lost the enthusiasm; but i had gotten to a point where i looked at my own Instagram and wasn’t happy with what it looked like, yes it was growing, yes my images were high quality, but looking at my own instagram i didn’t get that “wow i want to follow that” feeling. I wouldn’t say i had become complacent because i was constantly been trying to improve, i wasn’t bored, i just needed that spark to take my account somewhere else, that’s when i snapped a photo on my iPhone while on holiday. I basically went against everything i had thought about photos and instagram for months, and i loved it.

I realised the thing i loved about other peoples accounts: the busyness, the image context, the whole style was down to phone photography. I had one photo in my grid that was taken on an iPhone and suddenly i saw my feed in a different light, it was more vibrant, full of life and it looked like an Instagram photo. Over the course of the week while i was on holiday i posted a mixture of iPhone photos and camera photos, my grid looked better than it ever had, even just more interesting as a bottom line. This was also the time i realised on instagram i prefer fashion and lifestyle content, i love writing a beauty blog post and getting that perfect product shot.. but on Instagram i like to see people.

I never went to the full extent of doing solely phone photos after that, the thought that everyone would hate it really put me off – back in January i even decided to only post camera photos because i thought that was what people wanted to see, but i just didn’t feel as enthusiastic about them as i did with ones taken on a phone. Then came February, i broke my camera only photo rule when i took a photo at the natural history museum, i went home, edited it and sent the picture to a load of my friends, i don’t think i had ever been so excited to post on Instagram. I always loved the app but this changed the game for me, i regained that same enthusiasm for Instagram that i had during the summer, and even with the chance that everyone would hate it i couldn’t wait to post.


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Nobody said they hated it and after the first post i grew to love the style even more, the feedback was positive and i’m pretty sure i’ve noticed a change in engagement (but don’t hold me to that, i haven’t properly looked into it).  I’ve since created a rule for myself “to be excited about every image i post”. It sounds simple but before this i found myself posting what i called “filler images”, pictures that i was just posting to make sure i was keeping up with posting everyday, setting myself the goal of being excited about every photo i post is a challenge, it means i can’t get lazy. I’m constantly looking for locations and working out different ways to do things, i like my photos to bring something different to the grid everyday and it means i’m constantly striving to try something new or improve on what i’ve done before.

You on the other hand may hate phone photos, they’re not for everyone – but if you’re stuck wanting to improve, set out on finding your own style and once you do, run with it.

Here’s my account if you fancy a look.

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  • I really liked this post. I realized the same thing a few months ago! My feed always looks more alive when I mix up phone photos and camera photos. It seems more me, more real, more i don’t even know. I mean I’m not completely on your level. The way you edit your photos are amazing! I’m definitely starting to work on that with my blog, eventually it’ll make way into my instagram. aha, Great post Maria xxx

    Melina |

  • This is such an interesting post! I used to always use my iPhone for Instagram photos but I’ve recently fallen in love with my camera again. Out of interest, which iPhone do you use? I always love your Instagram photos! Roxanne x

    • Thank you! Yeah i think just go with whatever suits you, most of the time i use my friends iPhone 7+ but some have to be done on my 6s and if I’m using my camera it’s the olympus pen epl8 x

  • I’ve slowly started snapping iPhone pictures again too and I do find that I get more engagement on them – I think people relate to them more! I go to Bali in May and I’ll definitely be posting a mix of camera and iPhone photos. I’m absolutely loving your Instagram account at the moment, it looks incredible 🙂 xo

    Char |

    • I actually think instagram increases the reach of them maybe! Ah it’ll be amazing, i can’t wait to see the photos! Thank you so so much x

  • I definitely like Instagram feeds more that have a nice mix of phone and camera shots than only highly curated and styled dslr shots. Yes they can be pretty but I want to see some more ‘normal’ photos too from time to time rather than just magazine worthy shots. I really like your feed and think that you found the right balance 🙂

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