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The new beauty destination that London seriously needed

The new beauty destination that London seriously needed

I wanted to try and not mention the word “Sephora” in this post, but i can’t resist. London has been ready for a Sephora for a few years now and it’s just never materialised; people looking to get their hands on insta-famous products have been left to scroll the internet to be able to make a purchase.. but no more! Indulge Beauty landed at Westfield Stratford this month, and it’s safe to say London no longer needs a Sephora. This has just taken the beauty biscuit.


Indulge beauty is a concept i’m seriously here for. It’s almost like taking the concept of beauty brands and social media, smashing them together and putting them into real life (they’ve got a website too of course). Before walking into this LCD screen lit beauty extravaganza, (I’m not even exaggerating) I had no idea what to expect, but whatever image i had in my head was blown out of the water.

There’s pretty much every brand under the sun in here, and i know what you’re thinking: we’ve got department store counters and Boots for all of this, but Indulge beauty is a completely different ball game. Yeah you can find the beauty counter classics like Clarins and Origins; but where else can you find The Ordinary, This Works and Beauty Blender all in one room?

I usually wouldn’t do a post all about a shop, but when i visited here i was so genuinely impressed at the brands they carry that i’m desperately trying to spread the word. I’m like a crazy lady with a big old indulge beauty flag. You’d think living in London everything is relatively easy to find – and it is to an extent – but this place has a serious USP in it’s social media savvy nature. They’ve taken the brands everyone has obsessed over on social media, lot’s of which you literally cannot get anywhere else, and put them into a glossy high end store that feels like a virtual experience.

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves in terms of brand names, but they still don’t show the true extent.. Indulge beauty carries 120 brands. 120.


Is it really boring to just call this shop, cool? Even though the Selfridges beauty hall and department stores alike have so many classic names, Indulge just seems like a different level. Almost like it’s made for a new type of customer, not just someone who’s used the same foundation for 20 years, but people who are up to date with the goings on in beauty, and want somewhere they can see the online world come to life.

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Indulge beauty isn’t just a store it’s a website too; so if you live a little too far away from Westfield Stratford you can still access the brands they have on offer on the website ..that is equally as “cool” as the shop itself. (And bonus you get all the great discount codes and delivery offers.)

What do you think of the new concept store?

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