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Skincare for the city

Skincare for the city


Turn back the clock a few years and anti pollution products we’re unheard of, but now it seems like everyone is jumping on the anti pollution bandwagon. Every so often skincare “trends” emerge and this seems to be the latest one, but does this new product from This Works, really work? (See what i did there? We’re still in the first paragraph and i’ve already made the joke everyone knew i was going to make). On with the post..


This Works have brought out a whole range dedicated to an evening detox, specifically to detox your skin from the pollutants found in city air. When people talk about “detoxes” i always think of weight loss, but a skincare detox is something i could definitely get used to. Although anti pollution skincare and makeup is a bit of a trend at the minute, i definitely think there’s truth behind it. I know after spending a day in central london i always feel like my hair needs a good wash, and if that’s damage you can actually see with the eye, i can only imagine the effect that goes unnoticed on the skin.

It’s pretty apt that this range is specifically targeted to the evening skincare routine. Washing my face of an evening is one of my favourite parts of the day and it seems to follow a pretty sensible process of detoxing your skin before sleeping, which is when your skin goes into repair (almost like a little pitstop in a race but for your face).

Aside from my regular skincare “bits” masking is the one thing i always see the biggest change in my skin from. I feel like doing a twice weekly mask gives your skincare routine that extra boost it needs, and – don’t hold me to this one – but i think masks probably help your everyday skincare products to work better in the long run too. I’ve been testing the Evening Detox Clay Mask now twice weekly for about three weeks, with lots of the results coming after i’ve first rinsed it off or the morning after, but i’ve definitely seen a long term result too.


I’m a skincare geek so obviously I made a point of writing down my thoughts about this while testing it, so here we go..

I’ve always liked the idea of applying a mask with a separate brush but i’ve found mask brushes in the past have been SO expensive, (and i never wanted to use one of my old makeup brushes just incase there was any left over bacteria on them) so I’ve always stuck to my fingers. Funny story with this one though, when i went to use this mask for the first time i spent a good few minutes looking for the “charcoal brush” that was mentioned on the packaging, i gave up and thought i hadn’t been sent it.. that was until i took off the lid of the tube and realised it’s actually attached to the tube itself. I had one of those moments where you just can’t believe you’ve spent the last 5 minutes, looking for something you already in your hand..

The idea with this is that you twist to unlock product and then squeeze the tube to dispense it onto the brush, the brush allows you to get the perfect mask application – from the correct thickness to getting it in all the right places. You then re-lock the tube and rinse the brush under cold water to clean away any excess mask. The brush is made from antibacterial charcoal so you don’t get a buildup of bacteria, which is always something i’ve always worried about when thinking about using a brush to apply a mask. I always leave mine to air dry before putting the cap back on too.


I love a clay mask, i have naturally acne prone skin so they’re the ones i always reach for anyway, but i feel like you get an even deeper clean with this because of the Kaolin. Without wanting to use the word “minty” this leaves my face feeling minty fresh, and don’t get confused i haven’t switched to talking about toothpaste. Kaolin clay just refreshes your skin completely and you get that slight tingle that This Works mention on the box, it’s almost like a reassurance that it’s working.

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After using this my skin feels refreshed, refined and deeply cleansed – but also i find products i apply afterwards work better too. Fruit acids are naturally exfoliating so my face always feels softer after i rinse this off, and everyone knows other products always work better on exfoliated skin too.


After adding this into my routine twice a week i’ve noticed an improvement in the overall quality and texture of my skin, my skin feels calmer and because my breakouts are being controlled before they appear, my redness is reduced too. It’s nice to know my routine is getting that extra deep cleansing boost, and i’m protected against all those nasty things flying around in the air.

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