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The new Matte, 3INA lipsticks.

The new Matte, 3INA lipsticks.

3ina lipsticks


When people ask me what i do a lot of the time i just tell them i “write about lipsticks”, it confuses them and most of the time they just stop asking which is the goal. In fact my instagram bio used to reference taking pictures of lipsticks because, (excluding outfit photos) a pretty untouched lipstick collection is one of my favourite things to photograph. It seems fitting then that todays post is actually all about lipsticks, 3INA lipsticks that is; Initially this started off as a favourites post but i realised i had so many pictures and a lot to say about these that it evolved into it’s own post. Now without wanting to ramble, (as if i haven’t already) prepare for lipsticks. 


I told you, prepare for lipsticks, you’re going to need it. A few weeks ago these 4 lipsticks from 3INA (actually pronounced like mina i’ve now found out) arrived at my door, and i was immediately like “oh my goodness look at those colours, get that stick on my lip as fast as humanly possible.” But the other side of my brain was like “remember you need to photograph them” so i patiently waited, staring at them every time i went to choose my lipstick for the day until i got the chance to take these photos, perfect bullets intact. Finally i got round to taking the photos and actually trying the products, but until you actually hear about them below you’ll have to look at a few more photos.. for no other reason other than that I’m really happy with how these came out.

3ina lipsticks

The first lipsticks i tried were The Chubby Lipsticks. I immediately reached for these because i had never tried one of these crayon style chubby sticks before; also because i commonly associated these with glossy formulas and these are actually matte sticks.

I have two of The Chubby Lipsticks and at this point i would usually tell you the shade numbers, however in very unlike blogger fashion i’ve thrown away one of the boxes already. I can tell you i have 116 a deep plum and a pink, i’ve tried to look at the website and it could be either shade 111 or 118. Never again will i commit the crime of throwing away the box too early.

Although the stick formulas have to be a little harder than regular lipsticks they’re not overly hard, and you don’t get much of a dragging sensation when applying them – obviously there is a little bit of it there but nothing to write home about. I’d say it’s quite a good thing that these are a little bit harder than the creamiest lipsticks around, it means they stay on longer and they’ve got a really strong pigment too which can be lost if the formula is too soft. My biggest thing with matte lipsticks is how drying they are, we’ve all learned from Charlotte Tilbury’s matte revolution lipsticks that “matte” doesn’t also have to mean “dry” and these really aren’t drying at all. I’m so over liquid lipsticks and all of that 2016 crumbly mess, so sticks like these with high pigment and good staying power are the way to go..even if i have to top it up after i eat. Gasp.


Without wanting to bring up my favourite Charlotte Tilbury lipstick again (but I’m going to do it, watch me), they are the reason i re-fell in love with the traditional stick lipstick. There was a point, i think around 2016 where i didn’t own a single stick lipstick, only liquid and liquid creams and i’ve made a pretty big u-turn. While i do still use a lot of my liquid cream formulas i find myself reaching for the good old twist up stick more and more these days, especially because matte cream sticks have become so much better in terms of longevity and pigment.

The “The Matte” lipsticks are such a lovely formula, they are incredibly creamy and feel almost like a balm on the lips – i’m wearing one now and i just  pressed my lips together to confirm. I have the shades 417 a very light pink and 422, again a much deeper plum. My favourite thing to do with these is to layer them with The Chubby Lipstick, this helps customise the shade possibilities and increase the longevity; almost like when you apply a liner underneath a lipstick, the same concept. Due to their creamy formula it would be easy to say these lipsticks aren’t matte, especially because we’re all so used to the really drying liquid lips, but these for me are a modern matte, they’ve got life to them and i’d much rather that than flat flaky lips.

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It’s also worth mentioning 3INA products aren’t tested on animals, are vegan where possible and packaged within recycled materials.


Bottom to top: The Chubby Lipstick in 116, The Chubby Lipstick unknown shade, The Matte Lipstick 422 and The Matte Lipstick 417.

Seen as this started off as a favourites post it’s taken me on an unexpected turn whilst writing it, what do you think of this answer to the matte lip?

This post contains PR samples.

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