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The new hair tool on the block

The new hair tool on the block


If i had to make a graph about my most frequently asked questions, there would be a big spike at the “How do you do your hair?” .. yes the biggest question would be why are you making a graph about something like that, but i’m trying to emphasise the fact i get asked it a lot, in a less boring way than i just have.. Moving on from that moment of madness, if you haven’t guessed today i’m talking hair; and more specifically what i’ve been using to style it over the last couple of weeks.


It’s rare i leave the house without having my hair done. That might seem a bit extreme but i’ve got a lot of it and i end up looking a little bit.. Hermonie Granger in the first Harry Potter esque, if i don’t do at least some styling.

This never used to be the case though, i used to be a serial “sleeper on wet hair” girl, which yes meant my hair never really had to deal with any heat, but it also meant the Hermonie look i just talked about was strong. In fact, (and i’m ashamed to admit this) when i was about 16 i used to care so little about my hair, that i would go a few weeks without brushing it and i would straighten over the knots … You didn’t misread that, i used to get a hair straightener and literally straighten over the knots. I’ve come so far to be the double shampooing, hair masking, oil applying girl i am today.

Horror stories about my past beauty regimes aside, lets get onto the thing i should actually be talking about, shall we? For the last couple of weeks i’ve been curling my hair with the Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Bubble Waver. To say i was intrigued by this would be an understatement, i’ve only ever used traditional curling tongs and the shape of this is obviously completely different.

 I thought this would take a while to get used to, but it’s actually the complete opposite – i pretty much picked this up straight away. Like i would with any curling wand i wrap my hair around it going away from my face, basically outwards not inwards. The shape of the wand means you get natural, varied waves and curls where the wand does all the work. Your hair naturally sits around the bubbles and within the grooves, meaning with the first curl i created i already knew how to use it.


Can we just pause for a minute and appreciate the fact that the barrel is literally rainbow, Lee Stafford products have always had the pinkest packaging and this just takes the biscuit. It’s rainbow.

Like every curling wand the longer you leave the hair wrapped around the wand the tighter the curl or wave you’ll create; i tend to leave mine around the barrel for about 5 seconds to get curls that’ll stay put, but still look fairly soft. I am fairly lucky with my hair holding onto a style, curls usually drop out when i’m on second day hair and I’m ready to wash again, but if you’re wondering the curls in these pictures aren’t freshly done they’ve actually been slept on. My usual routine means i wash my hair in the evening and do all of my styling then, that tactic wouldn’t work if you have thinner hair that doesn’t hold a style well, but i find it helps to calm my frizz and give the hair a more natural finish.

The one thing i did notice about the wand was that it takes a little bit longer to heat up than others i’ve had in the past, nothing major just a few seconds longer.

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Fun fact, when i was about 11 waves were a really big thing, everyone was using sea salt spray. Me and my best friend thought it was the route to all of our hair goals, so i dragged my mum to Boots and persuaded her to buy me a bottle of pink sea salt spray ..which happened to be from Lee Stafford. I remember thinking it was literally the greatest thing ever invented (remember i was 11 at this point) and it smelt divine, which brings me onto the next Lee Stafford product i’ve been trying out.

My hair goes through a good few products before i get to styling and a heat protector is always one of them; combined with the wand i’ve been using the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Heat Protection Mist. If you like coconut you’re in for a good time with this spray, luckily coconut is one of my favourite scents so i’ll happily cover myself in an entire bottle of this stuff, but if you’re not keen on coconut this won’t be for you. Speaking as a fully fledged coconut addict i am obsessed with this scent, so much so i got my mum to smell my hair after i used this for the first time, i was that person. This leaves my hair super soft, smelling sweet and it means my hair is better protected against the heat from styling.

I am so happy with my new found hair routine. Mermaid hair, mermaid hair styling accessories, what more could i need?

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items. 

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