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Making everyday essentials more exciting

Making everyday essentials more exciting

Cocunat review


When i think of exciting beauty products and cool packaging my mind always jumps to makeup and skincare; it’s almost a polar opposite to what i imagine when i think of everyday essentials like hand wash, deodorant and body moisturiser. Although what i like to call the “supermarket” half of my brain is happy with the basics, there’s another part of me that loves to bring a little bit more excitement into my daily routine. I’ve been using these Cocunat products for about two months now but as soon as i saw them – more specifically as soon as i saw the packaging – i knew they we’re going to take a place in my daily routine.

Cocunat review

Okay first of all, can we all just appreciate this packaging? I actually got sent these products at the end of December, but when i saw that packaging i instantly thought of spring summer and wanted to hold the products back until we get closer to that time. Yes, we’ve had snow recently but in terms of months we’re basically nearly there, the weather just needs to catch up.

I can’t be the only one who goes into someones bathroom and immediately notices the hand soap, on a scale of 1-10 how sad it is that i was so excited to place this bottle of Cocunat hand soap on the side of my sink? The packaging alone makes me love this but it helps that it’s actually a good product, trust me you wouldn’t hear me talking about hand soap above all things unless i was truly obsessed ..and this bottle is actually already finished.

Cocunat products are all natural and toxic free as it is which on the face of things seems a little extra for a hand soap, but it actually makes the whole experience better. I suffer (get the violin out) from really dry hands, and hand soap usually makes that so much worse, but because this is a natural product you can feel it cleansing while being really gentle, meaning my hands don’t dry out! Now that i’ve run out of this i’ve gone back to a regular hand wash, 2 days in I’m already annoyed at the artificial scent left on my hands; i would’ve never thought to go natural with hand wash before this but i’m convinced now.


If there’s one thing that really needs to work for me it’s my deodorant .. i mean nobody wants to smell bad, and i sweat A LOT when I’m stressed (tmi i know). Lately it’s really occurred to me how much i breathe in aerosols, from the 1 million products i put on my hair to the deodorant i spray everyday, so i had been meaning to look into roll ons when this Cocunat deodorant arrived.

Initially this really scared me, this doesn’t contain antiperspirant because that clogs pores – so although it eliminates the bacteria that causes odour, it won’t stop you sweating. Obviously that would put a lot of people off but i was willing to try it because i was so desperate to get away from all the fumes.. and it worked! I’m not sure if i would go as far as to trust this if i was doing a 10k run, (who am i kidding i’ve never done a 10k in my life) but on a day to day basis this is great and it’s reassuring knowing i’m not breathing in anything dodgy!


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Finally we have the body mousse which yes, the photos of appear earlier but i’m incapable of organisation. I’m about to make a bad blogger confession here but, i’m really bad at body moisturising in winter. As soon as September comes summer is finished for me, i go into hibernation, basically throw away my razor until i decide to wear a skirt again and leave pretty much every inch of my body covered until at least march. So all in all that means i’ve only just started reaching for this moisturiser, spring skirts and dresses are catching my eye so it’s well and truly time to rehydrate those legs and this is perfect.

Opening this is like being hit in the face with summer, it’s strawberry scented and reminds me of a beautiful beach holiday.. you know the type where you’re forced to moisturise. Having this in my body moisturiser collection has been helping me on my path to hydration; it’s mousse texture means it’s light on the skin but it’s heavily packed list of natural ingredients means it’s got everything you need to soak up that moisture. Seriously check out the ingredient list and the listed benefits here, i’ve noticed Cocunat’s website is really user friendly and aesthetically pleasing so i wanted to make a point of that too.

If you’ve been looking for a natural brand that also looks bloody great in your bathroom then this is it, i’m making 2018 the year i make my essentials more exciting.

This post contains PR samples. 

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