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Haircare like never before, Saphira hair.

Haircare like never before, Saphira hair.

Saphira haircare mineral mud mask


I’m pretty sure there’s been a big tub of dead sea scrub in my bathroom cupboard now for way longer than there should have been, you know when you have something sitting in the back of a cupboard and you’ve just never bothered to throw it away? Anyway, to my point; there was a point where dead sea minerals became a thing to put in your beauty products, but until now it’s never come close to haircare. I was surprised to learn that nobody had thought to put the minerals of the dead sea into haircare before this from the people at Saphira, the first ever haircare brand to grab the minerals and put them to use on your hair.

I’ve been testing three Saphira haircare products for over a month now; i really like to properly get my head around something (or hair in this case) before i talk about it, so i’ve well and truly put these products through their paces.


I start my Saphira haircare routine where pretty much all hair routines start: with shampoo. I know almost immediately whether i’m going to like a shampoo or not as soon as i apply it to my hair, for me it’s all about the lather. I always shampoo my hair twice, i’ve spoken about it before in a post but even though i do this i always find the first shampoo never lathers; however when i put the Saphira Shampoo on my hair for the first time i actually got a lather. I continued to shampoo twice as usual, but i couldn’t believe that even with my thick hair the first shampoo had such an impact.

In general my hair is hard to shampoo, it’s thick and long and it takes a lot to really get it to feel clean but this shampoo made the whole thing a lot easier. Also it’s worth pointing out i have oily roots and dry ends and this was really balancing; it has pure keratin in it so it’s really hydrating but still cleaned my oily roots and didn’t weigh my hair down.

For someone who puts a lot of effort into their hair until now, i had never tried a hair mask. Gasp. Like i said above i have dry ends, so you’d think i would’ve gotten my act together and used one by now but i just never did – i think i was really scared of causing havoc on my roots or making my hair greasy. The Mineral Mud is the Saphira hero product, almost like a mud mask for your face but in a balm like consistency; i love a good mud mask so i gave this a go and immediately fell in love. I layered this on pretty thick after rinsing out the shampoo and left it on while i had the rest of my shower, shaving your legs makes for the best time filler when you need to leave something on for a few minutes. (The only time i’d ever be happy about having to shave my legs..)

Saphira haircare mineral mud mask

That first time i rinsed this out i could not believe how my hair felt, i honestly didn’t know hair could be so soft, i did not know it was possible. It took a little longer to rinse this out than your regular conditioner rinsing time, but obviously it’s a thicker consistency and i’ve got a LOT of hair, so it’s to be expected. Once this was rinsed out however my hair didn’t feel weighed down or like it had loads of buildup, it felt cleansed and hydrated and smelt amazing. That’s one thing i wanted to touch on, the bathroom smells like a dream after you’ve used these products. They’ve got a pretty unisex scent which is beautifully fresh and fragrant, the scent just makes these products even more enjoyable than they already are to use.


Finally we have The One, one product with ten benefits in the form of a spray. This product has some pretty big claims and as the products i apply to my hair after washing are some of my favourites to apply, i was so excited to try this. I started using the other two Saphira products immediately, but i only picked this up to use in the last week and i have no clue why i didn’t do it sooner. Out of all 3 products i think this might be my favourite out of the bunch.

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I feel like i’m hammering on about how much hair i have but i’ve got a lot, and that means when i get caught in the rain or humidity my hair turns into a ball of fluff. I’ve been trying to find something to control the frizz and this is it, finally my hair is behaving. The One is actually referred to as a “leave on mask” and that phrase fills me with the thought of sticky hair or hair that’s gone all hard because of excess product, but this couldn’t be more different. It comes in a spray bottle which really evenly distributes product onto your hair, i’ve been using this while it’s wet before styling and then a small amount after styling, or before i leave the house and i’ve noticed a huge difference. I’ve only used this a couple of times unlike the other two products which have been going for a month or so, but even after the first use i noticed such a difference.

My hair was generally softer, less frizzy and just behaved better and i can’t think of anything better than a product that does all that. This covers your heat protectant bases too so you don’t need to use 1 million products to get the results you want.


The people at Saphira promised a lot but these products really did deliver, Saphira is also the first ever female owned natural haircare brand, and y’know i’m all about that.. i’m off to cover myself in the mineral mud mask now, literally.

This post contains PR samples. 

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