The palette to keep the sparkle alive in January

If i made a word cloud of my 10 most recent posts the word sparkle would be in big letters right in the middle, so it seems apt that Bobbi Brown have brought out a palette to leave you sparkling all night especially now we’re in January – I don’t know about you but i don’t immediately think of sparkle in January so i’ll do anything to up the amount . My Bobbi Brown obsession has gone from 0-100 recently, since having never tried a single product in October, to almost wearing a full face of Bobbi Brown in December on the daily it’s grown a special place in my heart.

I’m a fan of a face palette, but usually they leave you with little choice when it comes to the eye department.. not with the Sparkle all night palette however. Yes, the picture above isn’t playing tricks with your mind, you get 12 eyeshadows in this (and we haven’t even touched on the face products yet). Part of the reason i’ve been reaching for this on a daily basis is simply because of the sheer choice available.. want a smokey eye? Done. A gold shimmer? Of course. A fail safe matte brown? You’re covered. The combinations are literally endless and as this is Bobbi Brown the quality is top notch too.

Bobbi brown have a few different eyeshadow lines and in this palette you get 3 of those within the different shades – sparkle eyeshadows, shimmer eyeshadows and mattes.

The sparkle eyeshadows have to be my favourites from Bobbi Brown, i’ve written about them before in this post and i learned about them from a Bobbi Brown PRO so i feel like i have a loyalty to them.

Most brands would group shimmer and sparkle eyeshadows together but Bobbi Brown sparkle eyeshadows are unlike any other shimmery eyeshadows i’ve tried, they literally sparkle .. move your head while you’re wearing these and you’ll look like you KiraKira +’ed your own eyeballs.




The main reason i love a face palette is that the 3 biggest powders you have to travel with are all compacted into one place, actually i think i just wrote the point of a face palette there .. In the Sparkle all night palette you get a highlight, bronzer and a choice of two blushers and because this is Bobbi Brown they’re all equally natural, pigmented and bendable. I’m always a bit wary of palette’s with face powders in just incase the shades don’t work with my skin tone, but these are pretty broad spectrum – you’d be able to build them up if you needed to, or go light handed with them like i do.

I actually don’t get much use out of the brighter of the two blushes on the daily, but if i’m feeling particularly pale i will reach for it; however the slightly deeper blush has become the one i reach for every day, along with the bronzer and highlighter. I’m pretty pale, like white as a sheet, so when it comes to the bronzer i do need to use a light hand, but i only see that as a good thing – you use less product!


If you ask me sparkle is an all year round occurrence, January definitely needs some sparkle adding to it and this is what i’ll be using to do it.




  1. January 9, 2018 / 6:55 pm

    I haven’t tried anything from Bobbi Brown in a long time but this palette is super gorgeous, I absolutely adore the eyeshadow shades especially. I’m so glad they’re pigmented and blendable too, and I’m definitely with you on sparkle being an all year round occurrence. xx

    Kristy |

    • Maria
      January 13, 2018 / 4:27 pm

      I can’t believe i didn’t have Bobbi Brown in my life for so long, it’s such a good brand! Yesss lets make sparkle an everyday thing! x

  2. January 10, 2018 / 1:09 pm

    Gorgeous photos Maria! This palette looks incredible and your swatches are beaut – I don’t need another palette, but I definitely need this one in my life xo

    Char |

    • Maria
      January 13, 2018 / 4:32 pm

      Thank you so much! It’s become a daily use for me so it’s definitely worth it! x

    • Maria
      January 13, 2018 / 4:36 pm

      Yes magical is the word!! and it has the most beautiful combination of colours, i use every single one which is so rare for a palette!

  3. January 10, 2018 / 11:20 pm

    Oooh, this palette looks stunning! So handy that it comes with a blush palette as well.
    I’ve always wanted to try some of the Bobbi Brown eyeshadows (or palettes) but never ended up buying any… I’m going to make it my goal this year to find one that fits me 😉

    Gorgeous photography by the way!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog  

    • Maria
      January 13, 2018 / 4:39 pm

      Face palettes are SO handy! I’d 100% recommend the brand, everything i’ve had from them has been great! x

  4. January 14, 2018 / 10:50 pm

    This would be so convenient for traveling! You basically have 60% of your makeup in just one case. Great! And I love the colors. I also love the red lipstick you casually placed in a photo haha

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

    • Maria
      January 16, 2018 / 4:17 pm

      That’s why they’re so ideal! I just love having everything in the one place x