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Being brunette at Charles Worthington

Being brunette at Charles Worthington

There’s nothing better than getting your hair done; i always have an extra spring in my step when i open that salon door and step out into the street with my new bouncy ‘do. On Thursday evening i visited the original Charles Worthington London salon as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations, and this evening was all about being brunette.

charles worthington 11

When i was younger i was in Sainsbury’s with my mum (irrelevant but you know i ramble) and she told me that Charles Worthington was one of the best salon brands around, mums are always right and she definitely wasn’t wrong on this one. It’s no surprise they’ve been around for 3o years, they’ve spilt the 30th year into seasons and we’re now in the forth: Winter. 

charles worthington 3
charles worthington 10
charles worthington 12

I don’t know about you but I’ve never really thought of winter and hair being two concepts mixed together, but now i think of it the two fit perfectly. Just like in summer hair is sun soaked, in winter you’re met with a perfect match for dark cold evenings in a rich glossy brunette. Each year Charles and his team create a new collection of looks, and in this 30th year the collection is Vibe, created around colour.

I try to achieve princess hair on the daily, but when you’ve got a professional at your disposal you might as well go the whole way, shall we get to the hair? Finally.

charles worthington 4
charles worthington 5

The “middle” when it comes to the “beginning, middle and end” of styling is never all that glamorous but i love an action shot. To enhance my “brunetteness” (i know that isn’t a word but we’ll go with it) my Charles Worthington stylist used a tong, to give my hair curls that’ll stay put and create shine. 

charles worthington 8
charles worthington hair salon

To complete the look the stylist brushed out the curls to form big bouncy waves or “princess hair”, as we’ll all call it from now on.

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If you had to sum up my “vibe” in a hairstyle this would be it, small person ..big hair. My hair is something i’ve always taken pride in, but i’ve actually always slightly resented being a brunette.. Y’know when you’re a kid and you want nothing more than to have long blonde hair like rapunzel; but in reality you’ve got the same haircut as your mum because she gets the same person to do it and it barely goes past your ears (true story, i’ve got pictures to prove it).

this one
charles worthington 6

The fact that Charles Worthington have created a whole collection around colour, and with this experience at the salon i’m loving my brunette hair (or brunetteness as i’m calling it). Also i’ve realised that i should probably be grateful for my mum constantly making me cut my hair as a child, because now i’ve got a serious amount of it. 

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