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Bringing back merry this Christmas with House of Fraser

Bringing back merry this Christmas with House of Fraser

This post is sponsored by House of Fraser.

Christmas adverts are a huge thing now, every retailer seems to have their own cinematic experience created to fit with their Christmas campaign. This year House of Fraser are trying to bring merry back to Christmas with their selection of beautiful gifts and Christmas ranges; so to really see what a merry Christmas is to House of Fraser, we had our very own Christmas dinner 40 floors above London at The Gherkin. 

View from Searcys at the gherkin dinner

I’ve always dreamed of having dinner up high in one of London’s skyscrapers, but i never actually thought it would happen, so it was amazing to have one of the best types of dinners (Christmas dinner obvs) with a backdrop of the city. 

View from Searcys at the gherkin

View from Searcys at the gherkin

Cocktail making class:

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a few drinks, but House of Fraser are bringing merry back in full force, so we didn’t just drink cocktails, we learnt how to make them! I chose to make my go to cocktail the Mojito and it’s actually really simple, i’ll definitely be cracking out a Mojito making set this Christmas and putting my new skills to use. 

View from Searcys at the gherkin cocktail making class

Present wrapping class:

My Christmas posts seem to be filled with DIY, and as i’ve mentioned before i am no crafter. So a present wrapping class was much needed to put the merry back into something that leaves me with fingers stuck together, and badly wrapped boxes. 

The selection of wrapping paper, tags and little decorations from House of Fraser made the wrapping a much merrier experience, we actually won the wrapping competition so you can basically call me a professional wrapper now. I actually find wrapping quite therapeutic, there’s nothing like putting some Christmas music on and dedicating a Saturday morning to wrapping all of your presents; and i’ve gotten quite into adding a special touch to each gift this year, after learning a few tips at the dinner. 

House of Fraser wrapping present

The Dinner:

Dinner at searcys the gherkin House of Fraser

The dinner itself was a magical experience, if you’ve never eaten with an amazing view add it to your bucket list because it needs to be done by everyone. Each place setting was marked with our names and the tables lined with midnight blue and rose gold House of Fraser crackers, one once in my life i actually won my cracker, and instead of getting one of those weird fish things i actually got an egg cup. I might be easily pleased (i am) but i think that’s a pretty useful thing to get out of a cracker, the marbling on the midnight blue crackers was a winner in my eyes too. 

Dinner at searcys the gherkin House of Fraser Dinner at searcys the gherkin House of Fraser

Dinner at searcys the gherkin

Christmas day isn’t Christmas day for me without Salmon, when i saw it on the menu i knew without fail that it would be sat in front of me as my starter and i was not disappointed. Also have you ever seen such a fancy roast? That little pile in the middle was circular cuts of the juiciest turkey i had ever eaten, topped with a circle of stuffing, aka my favourite thing to eat ever

Dinner at searcys the gherkin Dinner at searcys the gherkin

It wouldn’t be Christmas without .. gifts! 

Dinner, present wrapping and drinks aside it wouldn’t be Christmas without presents, and House of Fraser have a serious selection on offer this festive season.

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Lancome gift set Bobbi Brown House of Fraser Christmas

There’s always those people you want to get a significant present for, a high end beauty label always seems like an obvious go to, but they can get really pricy.. especially at this time of the year. House of Fraser have literally come to the rescue, not only do they have some of the best beauty brands around but they have a huge selection of gift sets with many under the £50 mark, which hits that “significant present but without breaking the bank” value. 

Perfume is such a Christmas gift, i feel like every Christmas i get a bottle of an old favourite or a new scent i’ve been dying to try – whichever one i receive i nearly always get it in a gift set. There’s just something a little bit more special when your perfume is surrounded by luxury gifts; and i can’t think of a more perfect morning than Christmas day to apply a matching body lotion after your shower, spritz on your new scent and try out a new mascara. 

Lancome House of Fraser Christmas

This Lancome gift set is just one of the completely classically Christmas gifts House of Fraser have this year, but if you’re more into beauty rather than fragrance they have a pretty enviable selection of the best beauty brands around too. Tailor your gift perfectly to the recipient by choosing products they know and love, or like i said before go for guaranteed good gift in the form of a beauty gift set. 

I’ve recently discovered (i’m late in know) how amazing Bobbi Brown is, so this mix of their best selling makeup and skincare collections comes at a perfect time. 

Bobbi Brown House of Fraser Christmas

How are you bringing merry back this Christmas?


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