An affordable way to give fragrance this Christmas

There’s only 13 days until Christmas, are you panicked yet? Usually by this point i have everything organised, bought and wrapped but i’m still at a loose end when it comes to some people’s gifts.. so i’ll stick to one of my Christmas mottos: When in doubt, perfume. 

Ghost perfume gift sets Christmas 2017

Fun fact for you, i used to work on a fragrance counter – basically there are women who have received bottles of Chanel on Christmas day and Valentines evening, only because their partner ran into the shop 5 minutes before closing and told me money was no object i got out my special keys and opened the expensive cupboard. However when i wasn’t spraying £100 perfume on myself there was always one brand that everyone loved at Christmas, and that was Ghost.

You can’t go wrong with a designer label, but a designer label with a price tag that comes in under £30 most of the time? Yes please. This year Ghost have taken their fail safe scents one step further, with my other favourite Christmas go to – the gift set. 

My favourite ever Ghost fragrance is Sweetheart Forever, i actually wear it as an every day perfume but as Sweetheart Forever is a more summery scent, when it comes to this time of year the original Sweetheart is a more fitting gift. When buying perfume a lot of the time most people go for the 30ml size, (lets be honest it’s the cheapest) but they can look a little bit underwhelming, that is why this gift set is your perfect “i only spent around £20 but it looks like it was much more” gift. Chances are you’re getting a candle at Christmas – everyone gets a candle at Christmas, but with this you get a branded candle in the same scent as your new perfume.. perfect

Ghost perfume gift sets Christmas 2017

There’s just something about getting a gift set in a ready made box with something a little bit extra to add to the gift, it makes it even better that this is on offer in boots at the minute for £21.60..bargain.

If you’re not looking to buy a £20 gift and are thinking more in the region of “what the hell do i get my secret Santa?” These little ghost gifts that can be hung on the tree, stuffed in a stocking or y’know wrapped because they’re squares and everyone loves to wrap a square, are just perfect. There’s a few different sets but they all come in at just £8 each, and all have one mini 10ml perfume and a matching handbag friendly mini gift inside. 

Ghost perfume gift sets Christmas 2017

You might think a 10ml perfume is useless but let me tell you now, as an ex perfume counter girl i’m well versed in sample sizes and perfume splash on samples go a deceptively long way. I got given a few from time to time at work and would save them for holidays or keep in my handbag and they have been a life saver; i’ve literally had the same mini 5ml bottle of Lancome La Vie Set Belle for two years ..yes two years and these are double the size of that one! 

I’m always so worried about keeping expensive bottles of perfume in my handbag or god forbid having one in my suitcase while travelling (no matter how nice it smells, nobody wants perfume covered luggage). I’ve saved all of my little 5 and 10ml bottles like the ones you get in these sets purely for going away, it means you’ve got a decent perfume so you’re not left without one on your travels with the bonus of trying something new. 

Ghost perfume gift sets Christmas 2017 Ghost perfume gift sets Christmas 2017 Ghost perfume gift sets Christmas 2017

My love for mini perfumes aside these sets also have a little added extra, the original Ghost scent mini comes with a beautiful pale pink nail polish, and the Ghost Eclipse comes with a moon shaped keyring with the ghost branding on a little attached gold circle.  If you haven’t guessed i absolutely love these minis, they’re such an ideal secret Santa gift, and if you’re not using them for that the ribbon on top makes them such a cute extra surprise to hang on the tree for Christmas morning. Let’s face it for £8 you can’t really go wrong.. 

Ghost perfume gift sets Christmas 2017

What do you think about Ghost’s Christmas sets?


Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items. 



  1. December 14, 2017 / 5:50 pm

    These are so cute, if only I had known about them when I was choosing my secret santa gift!

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