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An autumnal new in lately

An autumnal new in lately

I try to start favourites posts in an original way but it always seems to go one of two ways, either i talk about how long or short it’s been since the last one, or i mention the fact i don’t do regular favourites posts because i’m not their #1 fan. I realised that i couldn’t start this post with either of those again, so instead i just wrote that. Now were finished with the introduction (or an excuse for an introduction) shall we get into it? After that enticing first paragraph i’m sure you’re itching for more, so here we have the bits i’ve been loving lately, autumnal addition (kind of).

the body shop vanilla pumpkin body butter

It wouldn’t be a slightly autumnal themed favourites without something pumpkin scented (and a rose gold pumpkin hanging around in the back) so this body butter from The Body Shop has to be my #1 lately. I’ve always complained that the UK never gets enough seasonally themed bath products, so when i saw that The Body Shop were bringing out a vanilla pumpkin range, i have to admit i went a bit mad. What I’m about to say might expel me from the blogging community all together but i don’t actually really like pumpkin, (i know don’t shoot) but this smells so beautiful. I was worried it’d be like a really spicy cinnamon pumpkin scent but it’s not, it’s more like a super sweet vanilla with just a hint of pumpkin. 

Obviously The Body Shop are the experts when it comes to body butter, i probably don’t need to go into the formula because everyone has at least experienced using one at some point; but if you’re not familiar with them they’re the richest most hydrating formula you’ll find, they use a lot of natural ingredients and they nail the scents every single time. 

They have a whole range in the Vanilla Pumpkin scent, including a shower cream, body spray and hand cream so you can spend the entire season smelling like an actual autumnal dream. I can’t think of anything i’d like to smell of more.

beauty blender blender cleanser review

Before you’re confused and think “how can someone write a post about something they haven’t used?” these are my spares and it’s much prettier photographing an unused Beauty Blender in it’s perfect packaging than one slightly stained with foundation. Lately i’ve reverted back to my original choice of sponge because it really is the best, i like to think of myself as a makeup sponge connoisseur, i’ve tried a lot and the majority are always way too hard and dense. 

There are a small number of really good cheaper alternatives but i can still see a difference between using the original Beauty Blender and the copies, particularly with the smaller sponges for under the eyes – using the Beauty Blender ones are like little squishy taps, and using the ones from other brands often makes me feel like i’m punching myself in the face and that i’ll be left with bruising. (Not literally but sometimes i wonder). My favourite beauty blender however is the original pink one you see above, i never apply my foundation or concealer with anything else, once you’ve cheated on your brush with a Beauty Blender you’ll never go back. 

With my love affair for the Beauty Blender coming alive again, recently i also started to reach for the cleansers. I have been known to baby shampoo my sponges in the past, and while it does work eventually, it takes about 4 attempts at washing to properly get all of the foundation out. Nobody has time to be stood at the sink double cleansing their beauty blender, (i just about make time for my face) so i’ve been reaching for the solid and liquid cleansers – like i probably should’ve done all along, which i have in mini form to get the job done quickly. 

Laura Mercier setting powder radiance primer review

I’ve already done a post about these and a few other Laura Mercier products this month so i won’t bore you too much, but these are the standout products from my little collection. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the primer and setting powder recently, they’ve become part of my daily routine and now stand proudly at the forefront of my dressing table. I never understood just how much of a difference a good primer and setting powder combo can make, these are the epitome of creating a matte but not flat base and it has never looked so good – read the full Laura Mercier review here

Aura Mugler review

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Finally we have fragrance, something i’m personally in love with but am so bad at describing that i rarely ever do posts about it. For me perfume completes an outfit, i cannot leave the house without spritzing something on and it’s like a little daily ritual when i pick which one i’ll go for in the morning. 

This beautiful bottle is Aura the new Thierry Mugler fragrance and everything about it screams winter to me, from the fragrance itself, to the fact the bottle could be seen siting on the dressing table of an evil queen from a disney movie. This isn’t something light or fruity you’d find me wearing in summer, it’s rich, dark and i want to say “musky” .. but i don’t actually know what that means. Bad description aside i’ve been wearing this non stop, it has become my scent for the autumn – go to a fragrance counter to smell it and maybe get a professional to describe it to you (says the girl who used to work on one). 

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What have you been loving lately?

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