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Yes, we’re in early November and the first Christmas post is here. Let’s face it, everyone spends up to November 30th saying “It’s too early to start talking about Christmas” but when December 1st hits everyone starts panicking about only having 25 days to go. As this is my most favourite time of year, why not make it last? I think once you get past the first week of November,  everything Christmas themed is acceptable. 

The first Christmas instalment i have for you today has been sitting in my drafts since October and it’s taken me a lot not to post it early, but i wanted to stay seasonal and i managed to stick to my timeline.  If you didn’t know (you probably didn’t) the one thing i put on the TV in the background while I’m doing something is QVC. My neighbour buys everything from QVC, even her Christmas dinner, so a few years back i put it on just to see what it was about, and ever since i’ve loved having a watch every now and then. 

The main reason i first switched it on that day was really to see what they hell they were selling, i know if you tell anyone about a shopping channel thoughts of weird exercise machines and cooking gadgets spring to mind, but QVC is so different to the rest. Don’t believe me? Scroll down this post prematurely to try and spot a few brand names you know, it won’t be difficult. QVC are host to the best beauty brands around, some of which you can’t even get anywhere else in the UK and would only be found elsewhere at Sephora. If you have a beauty gift to buy this Christmas, look no further than your TV (I mean they’ve got a website and an app too but that line was cooler). 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

Remember what i said in my lengthy introduction about spotting brand names you know? In the first two photos alone we have Elemis, BECCA, Nails INC, Pixi .. do i need to go on? OH and Tarte Cosmetics, which you can only find at QVC in the UK – literally nowhere else sells it, i told you this would be good. 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017 QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

Yes what you’re seeing below are Tarte cosmetics palettes, highlighters and brushes. I know i’ve just said it but you cannot buy these anywhere else in the UK, when i went to New York in 2016 i made a special Sephora trip just to buy Tarte, only to get back and realise i could’ve bought it here all along.

If you’re thinking they must only have the old stock or back dated products you’d be wrong, they have the latest releases, and everything is shipped from the UK so say goodbye to outrageous shipping and customs fees. If you’re not already convinced, a lot of the time everything is on easy payments which means the price will be spilt in half up to quarters, so you pay an amount over 2 to 4 months (depending on how they’ve spilt it) with no interest. My friend ordered a Tarte gift set on easy payments and had it home for £11.. eleven pounds.

Shop QVC beauty / Shop Tarte on QVC.

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

Yeah you can get Pixi pretty easily now in the UK but do you see the size of that glow tonic? And that palette you see behind? It folds out into to reveal 48 eyeshadows, 2 bronzers, 2 blushers and 2 highlighters..and it’s £23. 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

We know Laura Geller is most well known for her guilded honey highlighter and her other products are available pretty easily online anyway, but QVC have exclusive sets you won’t find anywhere else; they’re like ready made Christmas presents and they’re always cheaper than if you were to buy the products elsewhere individually. 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017 QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017 QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

Undoubtedly my favourite luxury bath products are from L’occitane, their hand creams just make everything else look, for want of a better word, rubbish. However there’s a slight problem with my obsession in that L’occitane is pricey to say the least, but that’s where QVC come in.
Again a lot of the products come in sets or duos where you get greater value for money, they have specially designed Christmas gift sets which might also be available in store, but will be cheaper at QVC, or they sometimes have those easy payments which are just too good to say no to.

Also yes, that is The Ordinary you see above, the cult brand everyone loves and finds so hard to get is available on QVC.

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

QVC have their own exclusive colour of what i think will be one of the most wanted Christmas gifts this year, the Dyson hair dryer. Before going to the QVC press day i had never even seen one of these in real life and really didn’t know if the hype was worth it, but after having my own hair blow dried using one i can tell you, the hype is so real. There’s no doubt these are pricey, i think they might be the most expensive hairdryer about, but if you are looking to buy yourself (or a very lucky someone else) one of these for Christmas, QVC is the only place to get it. 

Not only do they have their own exclusive colour, they also allow you to spread the cost. Most of us can’t justify spending what is basically £300 in one go, so QVC have spilt the cost into 4 instalments of £74.99 which is a much easier cost to cover, especially over Christmas. I’m pretty sure QVC is the only place you can buy the Dyson on easy payments, and it doesn’t cost anymore to do so, really it’s an absolute no brainer if you’ve been thinking of buying this. 

Zero product used and the blow dry took about 7 minutes, supersonic is the way forward. 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

If you walk into a good spa chances are you’ll see Elemis, and for that reason the products are worth a penny or two. Switch over to QVC world and you’ll find specially designed Christmas gift sets, easy payments and reduced prices, but the one thing to note with QVC .. you have to be quick. 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

Korres, another great premium brand – are we seeing a trend here? 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

QVC also have some of my favourite nail brands like O.P.I, Nails INC and Leighton Denny – i think the sets they have designed around nails are some of the best they have all round, but that might just be the nail obsessive inside of me. I got my first Nails INC polishes in a cracker from the press day all these photos are from, and it’s the most opaque formula i’ve ever tried – so i’ve got my eyes firmly pinned to the Nails INC Christmas sets. 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

Oh and i forgot to mention everything comes with a money back guarantee..not happy with what you bought? Just send it back, madness! 

Have i convinced you to think differently about QVC? 


Disclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored i just really love QVC, i’m doing this completely of my own accord. If i could insert the shrugging girl emoji i would do it now..



  1. November 13, 2017 / 4:28 pm

    I literally couldn't agree with you more about what you said about everyone saying it it too early to talk about Chrsitmas right now, but the panic when it gets to December is real! It's mid November – now is the time! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion Beauty Lifestyle

    • November 14, 2017 / 9:53 am

      Exactly! I leave all my decorating until December but planning presents needs to start in November! x

  2. November 16, 2017 / 3:27 pm

    I wouldn't be able to cope if I didn't start my shopping until December so I usually start around the beginning of November at the latest to spread out the cost and make sure I have enough time to get everything ready

    Jess |

    • November 18, 2017 / 2:44 pm

      Its a much better way of doing it! Especially like you say to spread the costs x

  3. November 20, 2017 / 1:33 pm

    I was soo excited when I found out QVC stocked Tarte – I'm dying to try some products from there! I definitely need to think of QVC the next time I'm shopping for makeup bits xo

    Char |

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