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Taking the first steps into cleansing brushes

Taking the first steps into cleansing brushes

Yes you’re correct, the photo below is me covered in cleanser with a hairband on that coincidentally comes with ears too, i don’t think there has ever been such an image to paint a more accurate picture of me at home.. There is good reason for me basically exposing myself on my own blog however, because i’ve been trailing the Magnitone First Step for over a month now and i’m finally ready to have a bit of a chat about getting into sonic cleansing. 

Magnitone first step sonic cleansing brush review

I’ve always been intrigued about cleansing with sonic cleansing brushes, but i must admit i thought they were a little bit of an unnecessary extra step in my already over flowing routine, what can a load of bristles do that my hands can’t? Once again the old skincare lady inside of this 20 year olds body has been proved wrong, the gadget wins again (it pretty much always does, doesn’t it?).. 

Magnitone first step sonic cleansing brush review

How i use it:

My daily cleanser is Liz Earle cleanse and polish, which actually doesn’t require a wet face so i have to use a little bit of a different method when using the Magnitone: instead of wetting my face, applying my cleanser and going in with the brush, i apply my cleanser to my face and then wet the brush before i start on each section. 

I’m a fan of a deep cleanse so i’m always at my own risk of going overboard, but luckily the brush is timed once you turn it on, it stops vibrating for a second when you need to change the section you’re working on, and switches off once you’ve cleansed for exactly the right amount of time. So even i, the most rigorous cleanser, can’t over cleanse with this. 

I tend to use this once a day or once every two days if i’ve done a mask or some other form of heightened exfoliation, to avoid over doing it with this. The First Step is formulated for teenage skin or sensitive skin so it isn’t harsh, but if i have done an exfoliation on one day i probably wouldn’t need to use this on that particular day, because the brush is also exfoliating as well as cleansing. 

I do however on most days use this during my evening cleanse, to get the deepest cleanse possible, exfoliate away any dead skin cells and basically prep my skin to maximise the potential of the skincare products i use after that. 

Magnitone first step sonic cleansing brush review

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Brush care:

As someone with acne i’m constantly worried about the spread of bacteria, (seriously i’m like big on antibac) but because this particular magnitone is formulated for teenage / acne prone skin the brush head is naturally antibacterial, although i will have to change this after a couple of months of use. To make sure i maximise the time this brush head lasts i clean it with mild baby soap after every use, and lay it on it’s side so the water drains off and it can dry out before the next day. 


After using this my skin feels so clean, i really didn’t think sonic cleansing would be for me but the speed of this just can’t be matched by hands alone. I feel like this is just going so much further with my skincare routine but with the tiniest bit of extra effort, it’s almost less effort using this because with the timer once you’re done, you’re done. I like to get through my routine in the quickest way possible, especially when my bed is waiting for me on the other side so this helps to streamline the process. 

I also always assumed cleansing brushes were expensive, which (cheap skate alert) is part of the reason i stayed away from them, but after being sent this one i looked into the Magnitone ones and they are much more affordable than i thought they would be. The First Step in particular is only £40 which, if you ask me, is a pretty good beginner price point.

Magnitone first step sonic cleansing brush review

Have you taken the first steps into sonic cleansing yet? 


Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples. 

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