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Creating a flawless base

Creating a flawless base

Last week i attended a makeup masterclass, Kim K might not have been anywhere to be seen (not that type of masterclass, i’m afraid) but i came out with a new found knowledge of Laura Mercier products and a bundle of them to try. Luckily enough i had to reapply my makeup that evening, so obviously at the earliest opportunity i jumped at the chance to put as many products to the test at once, kinda like a “how many Laura Mercier products can i possibly fit onto one face” challenge. 

My skin is my biggest problem so base products are incredibly important to me, the following four products have changed the game when it comes to creating my perfect base.

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion foundation review products


During the masterclass Mary Greenwell prepped the skin using the Flawless Skin oil, as i’ve written about a thousand times that i have oily skin but i am a lover of facial oils. I wouldn’t however use this before foundation, i’d use this either on no makeup days or during my night time skincare routine, oil under makeup for me with oily skin would just lead to product breakdown. Even though i am using this at a different point i still wanted to include it, because this would work amazingly if you did have dry skin and you wanted to create the most hydrated smooth base possible.

Facial oils are an integral part of my skincare routine to help balance my oil production, while hydrating and evening out my skin tone – this is a perfect addition to my my facial oil lineup and works wonders to brighten and hydrate even my oily skin. Also can we talk about the fact this facial oil is pink with a rose gold lid???? Yes please.

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion foundation review products

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion foundation review products


I thought i had found my holy grail primer a few months ago, and i do kind of feel like i’m cheating on my beloved Pixi primer when i reach for my Laura Mercier one, but i have fallen in love with this, it’s become my daily go to. I may have oily skin but i feel like this would work for everyone, no matter what skin type – This is the radiance version so its almost a pearlescent gold colour and when applied it makes your skin feel so hydrated and glowy, without being shiny.

This isn’t your standard pore blurring primer but it does have the same effect, with the added bonus of prolonging the wear of makeup and providing a perfectly smooth canvas to apply your foundation on top of. This is the type of primer that gives you a glow from underneath your foundation even if you’re wearing a high coverage formula, usually hearing the word “glowy” when you have oily skin strikes fear into my every core; but this really doesn’t leave me shiny and coupled with a semi matte finish foundation, you’re good to go for the whole day and helps you avoid looking too flat. I swear this has some magic properties or something, it must, because my skin just becomes bouncy when i apply it ..yes i have literally bounced my fingers off my face after using this.


Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion foundation review products

The masterclass had a huge focus on the new Flawless Fusion foundation. Unlike primer, foundation is not something i switch up, i’m loyal to my well loved Esteé lauder double wear and haven’t found anything that comes close – until now. I’m really dismissive with foundations, no matter how much i hear someone talk about an alternative being “long wearing” or bullet proof, i’m almost 100% sure it won’t compare. 

However having been shade matched at the masterclass i gave the Flawless Fashion foundation a go, especially since hearing Mary Greenwell really sing it’s praises during the demo. I was surprised to say the least. This is a much thinner formula than i expected, but somehow gave me the medium to buildable coverage that i’m used to from my other foundation, while feeling really light weight on my skin.

I wore this for an evening out and it lasted perfectly, i would say after a good 12 hours or so it would start to deteriorate, but that’s far better than most foundations making it perfect for all day. The flawless fusion is less transferable than most, but i wouldn’t say it’s 100% transfer proof, if you’re used to normal foundations this will be a huge improvement but if you’re used to something like double wear you’ll see a tiny bit of transfer if you touch your face – but i don’t tend to make a habit of that, so it doesn’t bother me too much.

I always hear about people wanting a high coverage finish but hating heavy thick formulas, so the Flawless Fusion really bridges the gap between the two for me – it’s also worth mentioning that i applied this in my usual method with a damp beauty blender, to make sure i was giving it a fair test.

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion foundation review products


I couldn’t possibly do a blog post talking about Laura Mercier products and not include the setting powder could i? It’s the #1 purchased product in Sephora and loved by everyone including the Kardashians (i was a tad excited when i saw this in my box of products .. just a tad). I’m yet to try baking with this, shocker i know, but i love setting my foundation all over with it. The powder is just so finely milled and provides such a velvet covering over your foundation , it almost blurs over any texture and gives your foundation that finished look, keeping your face in place for hours. I’ve also found this is perfect for setting my concealer on my eyelids before eyeshadow, it means the shadow doesn’t cling to any patches on the eye and helps it blend out seamlessly.

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion foundation review products

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This combination means my base has never been better, i never thought a glowy primer could help so much in increasing the longevity of a foundation but i was really wrong – i also really underestimated the power of a good setting power.. I should’ve listened to Kim K..

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My daily face has had a Laura Mercier makeover, have you tried any Laura Mercier products? 


Disclaimer: We’re honest around here, i was sponsored to attend the Laura Mercier event and to do a little insta story but a blog post was never in question. I had no idea i would receive the products used in the masterclass, and decided after the event and trying them out that i would feature them because i genuinely love them. Therefore this post itself is not sponsored but the items discussed are PR samples and this post contains affiliate links. I just really bloody love this stuff. 

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