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Autumn Winter Florals

Autumn Winter Florals

If you asked me a few years ago to wear a pattern i probably would’ve cried ..or politely refused, but a few years later and my go to patterns are always florals. Whenever i’m shopping for a dress i almost always buy a floral print, there’s something quite “camouflage” about them isn’t there? When i’m wearing a floral i almost think it makes a little bit more of a statement, the dress has a little bit more too it and the pattern actually helps distract from any areas that you might not want to draw attention to. The thought of florals however, often brings me to remember that line from the devil wears Prada, and the fact florals are more commonly associated with spring, so i was tempted to do a post inspired by bringing florals into your A/W wardrobe. 

As we are approaching (dare i say it) party season, this edit compiles a few occasion dresses and some more relaxed pieces from Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, Warehouse, Asos and the like to convince you that florals are the way to go for A/W.

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These three from Pretty Little Thing are edging towards summer style a little, but the two lighter fabrics could be teamed with a long line jacket to “autumnify” (not a word but y’know) the look. The darker dress with sleeves however is a perfect example of winter florals, the sleeves will help keep in the heat but the sheer fabric keeps it dressy.

These two from Warehouse are my favourite examples of winter florals: long sleeved, dark with that added layer of sheerness that separates these dresses from summer alternatives.

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These three Misguided numbers are the perfect winter cool tones, i’d originally look at these and see them in a summer setting, but they’re placed in a winter light when paired with heels and faux fur coats.

Finally, these picks from ASOS are the perfect mix between evening dress and possible afternoon festive activity ensemble. The collar on the navy dress paired with flowing sleeves means it can almost be worn anywhere, and the plunging neckline on the other is a complete festive wardrobe essential.

Have i convinced you florals can be worn in autumn/winter?

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