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THE coat for autumn winter

THE coat for autumn winter

Today my friends, is the autumnal equinox, aka the time i come alive. I’m like the witches in Hocus Pocus, autumn is to me, like the eternal youth spell to them. Too many seasonal references in the start of a blogpost? You ain’t seen nothing yet. I’m slightly ashamed (or not ashamed in the slightest), to say i nearly always get my autumn/winter coat for my birthday, which is right at the end of August. I’m practical yes, but i also love getting my autumn coat, it’s often something that i keep for years so i definitely stretch it to it’s full value. 

I kept seeing aviator jackets at A/W previews, so i knew i had to have one for the season; but you’d be mistaken to think i’d go for a “go with everything’ black number. Of course, i had to add a pink tint to a usually dark few months. 

Autumn winter blush pink aviator jacket faux shearling Lasula

I tweeted once i got this that i would be a pink marshmallow for autumn winter and i have no regrets, i mean once you tweet it you can’t go back right? My pink aviator jacket is from Lasula, and when i first put this on i realised i didn’t actually want to take it off, which might have something to do with the fact i was in my pyjamas and it does resemble a dressing gown but y’know. 

Having had my new addition hanging in my wardrobe for about a month now, i’ve had a yearning for colder days (even more than usual) i just know it’ll be basically impossible to be cold in this. Hi faux shearling lining, if i could insert a heart eyes emoji i would do it now. 

I never used to be a pink person, but after the purchase of my over featured suede pink biker jacket, suede and pink suede to be precise have become my thing. The thought of leaving behind my beloved pink hues for an array of dark outerwear didn’t fill me with much excitement, but brands have started amping up the colour for autumn, and although burgundy and plum shades will undoubtably crop up here and there, i’m ready and willing to accept the shift in tones. 

I think i’ve found the perfect balance here, on the face of things this is a stereotypical millennial pink purchase but it’s also incredibly practical – who said you can’t have both? 

I can’t wait to wrap my big old autumn scarf around my neck and hit the pavements in this, all of the autumn images you can think of i’ll be doing it, boots on feet, hot chocolate in hand. But for now i’m still sweating on the tube, we’ll get there eventually. 

Also completely unrelated but look at my pretty bottle! I know the image below looks like your standard “hashtag ad” but i spent my own £7.99 on this in home sense the other day, i wanted to include it in this post because 1. why not? 2. it matches my jacket and 3. i’ve been looking for one for so long and they were all so expensive, but i found loads in home sense so i thought i had to share that for anyone wanting their very own pretty stainless steel bottle. So there ya go. 

Autumn winter blush pink aviator jacket faux shearling Lasula

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