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My dream shirt and the rules i set for wearing it

My dream shirt and the rules i set for wearing it

Maybe embroidery was really in a few months ago, but i failed to jump on the bandwagon with any of my previous purchases, i was trying to be sensible “no Maria, don’t buy anything embroidered it’ll be out soon” but i couldn’t help myself when i saw this shirt in Spain. Imagine the scene, a rather sweaty Maria walks down the stairs of a boutique, and hanging at the bottom is the embroidered shirt of my dreams, could i leave it behind? Even with the easy jet hand luggage restriction, and an already full suitcase weighing on my shoulders (not literally don’t worry, i know how suitcases work) i couldn’t. 

After all, the biggest excuse of the season comes into play here “I’ll need it for autumn winter”. 

styling a shirt embroidered autumn winter fashion style 2017

I’m a shirt person, but sometimes i go off shirts and i’m less of a shirt person, i guess it depends on the shirt .. either way i own a lot of shirts, and i go through phases of wearing them and not wearing them again, you get it. With my turbulent shirt relationship i’ve come to learn a lot about the wearing of them. When i wear a shirt there’s a fine line between looking “cool”, “relaxed”, “off duty” and all of the other words you see thrown at a shirt edit in a magazine, and looking like either a teenager on work experience or like i’ve pulled something out of the wardrobe from 2007, because it was the only thing that was clean. 

In the past i’ve struggled with the above, in my collection of shirts i’ve definitely looked more like the work experience, decade reject rather than effortlessly stylish. I’ve come to abide by the following rules and they’ve all come together with this shirt ..

styling a shirt embroidered autumn winter fashion style 2017

Oversized is nearly always better, nearly.

Most of the time when i wear a shirt i’ll wear it in the daytime, so i’m trying to achieve the “relaxed but i do still care” type of vibe, for me oversized is the way to go. I made the mistake of buying a shirt in my actual size once (what was i thinking, my normal size? surely not) and because i didn’t want to send it back i kept it. I really think wearing a shirt oversized is the difference between looking at something styled ten years ago compared to now, i ended up looking like someone who didn’t know how to do smart casual and just mixed jeans with the first thing i could find that wasn’t a t-shirt.

The exception to my rule, the “nearly” is if I’m wearing a soft material shirt, like a jersey cotton or silk, rather than an 100% cotton stereotypical classic shirt material – a classic crunchy shirt, if you get my drift. Usually i tuck soft material shirts into high waisted trousers or skirts, so i find it better if they overhang a little bit over the waistband but i pretty much always buy them in the correct size. A daytime Maria shirt is crunchy cotton and oversized, an evening Maria shirt is normal sized and a little bit softer, what an image to have in your head of a Friday afternoon. 

I roll the sleeves but sometimes i don’t, it depends on the material. 

Here i go on the crunchy, soft tangent again, you’d think i was talking about peanut butter the way i’m going on. With a shirt like the one in this post (a cotton crunchy shirt, if you will) i always roll the sleeves, i can’t even go about trying on a shirt like this without seeing what it looks like with the sleeves rolled up. For me having the sleeves rolled up is one of the key things that gives off the daytime “i’m wearing this on purpose” vibe. Also not rolling the sleeves means buttoned cuffs, and i am not here for cuffs. 

styling a shirt embroidered autumn winter fashion style 2017

Embracing the fact i might look like a painter:

Oversized, rolled sleeves sounds familiar doesn’t it? It’s almost 100% likely that when i put on a shirt like this, i’ll say the words “but do i look too much like a painter?” at least 3 times. At the same time though, i kind of love it? I feel like a creative or someone who owns a loft and paints, and if i can get all of that from a shirt i will definitely continue to wear it. I do think accessories are key though, as usual i like to keep it minimalistic but i think without a splash of a watch and dash of a ring this could look too much like a painting smock, sunglasses make me feel extra cool too. You know you feel extra cool in sunglasses too, go on, admit it. 

styling a shirt embroidered autumn winter fashion style 2017

Sadly, i can’t link to my new favourite “what i do before buying this” wardrobe addition, but i can show you these similars! 

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