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Finding my perfect canvas

Finding my perfect canvas

Perfect is a pretty big claim, but i think REN might have just cracked it with their latest release. I’m always on the hunt for something that’ll make me look like i’ve kinda got good skin underneath my makeup, and although i’ve written about my favourite primers in the past, i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try something that promises so much. The quest for the perfect base, continues.. 

REN Perfect Canvas review

I have problematic skin but i do like to wear makeup and that can often lead to an uncomfortable mix, especially if you’re layering a lot of thick products. The whole idea of the Perfect Canvas even down to the packaging is clean and minimal, makeup never really gives off clean and minimal vibes usually (i mean most of the time you’re dealing with a little bottle of chemicals) but you can definitely tell the difference with this. If the white minimalism didn’t hint enough for you, this is a pure product, it’s silicone free so it’s completely clear and really thin, meaning it sinks in immediately and really doesn’t feel like another layer added into the routine. 

I’d put the REN Perfect Canvas in a category somewhere between a skincare product and a primer – which is pretty much the idea of a skin finishing serum now i think about it..

Moment of realisation over, this is a surprising product, i’m not quite sure what i was expecting but i certainly wasn’t expecting what came out. Once you squeeze that ever so satisfying dropper, (can more products come in droppers please?) out comes a completely clear and fairly thin liquid, it’s the type of liquid you apply to your face and you’re like “this can’t do anything to my makeup” but boy would that be wrong. 

REN Perfect Canvas review

For once in my life i followed product instructions and listened to the bottle, i’ve been using this after moisturiser and before makeup every day since i got it, and i can’t quite believe it but my skin is actually smoother. Although this already boasts success in clinical trials i was skeptical, i always am when trying products with huge claims, but my face genuinely is smoother (I just stroked my own face to confirm). 

The first time i used the Perfect Canvas i noticed i was having a good makeup day, but i actually didn’t link it to the product, i think i was being a bit slow.. However, once i did my makeup again the next day and i realised i seemed to be having 2 miraculous “good makeup” days, i realised it wasn’t the work of the makeup gods, it was in fact, the canvas underneath. 

Everyone says the “perfect canvas” for makeup starts with skincare, but this is the product bridging the gap. Yes the product itself adheres to makeup well increasing longevity, but the increase in smoothness of skin over time is what really makes foundation and other products apply so much better immediately, and in the long run. 

This can easily be used alone, but because i do have pores the size of buckets i’ve been using the tiniest (and i mean the tiniest) amount of pore filling primer over the top, just in that space of the top of my cheeks that resembles the surface of the moon. The rest of my face like my chin and forehead are perfectly smoothed over with the Perfect Canvas alone. 

REN Perfect Canvas review

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I couldn’t think of a more perfect name for the Perfect canvas, it really does provide the best possible base, rather than a primer that just makes your skin look good, this actually makes your skin better.

Have you tried the perfect canvas? – Maria x


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