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Bits i’ve been loving lately

Bits i’ve been loving lately

I challenge you to think of a less imaginative post title than the one above .. impossible? Probably. I abandoned monthly favourites months ago because i couldn’t keep up with “favourites culture”, and trying to buy new products to fill a spot each month. However, over the last few weeks i’ve been using products that i’ve integrated into daily life and wanted to feature, but couldn’t quite work out where to slot them- low and behold the good old favourites post came to my rescue. Here are the bits that i’ve been loving but not just in the last month.. 

Leaving the house without perfume is like leaving the house without trousers on, it would just be wrong by all accounts. Recently i spoke about one of my new favourites, Ghost sweetheart forever, since then i’ve added the newest addition in the lineup to my collection, Ghost dream. This is what i would call (miranda reference anyone?) a grown up fragrance, the type of thing you’d wear to a job interview or some equally anxiety enhancing situation where you need to be taken seriously. I have this problem with describing fragrance so i’m pretty useless on that front, but i can tell this is a floriental fragrance, which will prove the perfect partner to warm up a cool autumn day. 

Sticking with fragrance, but not the type you can wear on your body (well you could try, anythings possible, but i wouldn’t recommend it). Here we have possibly the most instagrammable candle i’ve ever come across, if you haven’t already noticed i’m going through a pink phase at the minute, we all are really, aren’t we? This perfectly designed coconut and lime candle is from ARUM London. It’s beautifully clean scented with a hint of sweetness from the coconut, and like all good candles i’ll probably wait a year to burn it, because hello, new blog prop. 

I’ve greatly embraced the changing of the season, but there’s one thing i don’t like about cold weather and that’s the impending “dryness”, and no i’m not talking about the weather, we all wish it stayed dry in that sense. I’m talking about my skin and hair, already i’ve experienced an eczema breakout on my finger, and a skincare product reaction which has turned the surface of my face into a similar state to the surface of the moon. So to avoid future impending dryness i’ve been using a few products recently to prepare myself for the season i love, but my skin hates. 

There’s something about the name “Maui Moisture” and the smell of this conditioner that almost makes me want to have dry hair, it’s just so delicious, one of those things you just need to go into boots and smell for yourself. I have pretty thick hair so i was worried this might be too heavy but it’s actually just right, i only have to use a small amount on the ends of my hair and i’m left with incredibly soft tropically scented hair until my next wash. I have three products from the range but the conditioner is my hero product and the thing i’ve been leaning on the most lately. 

If i only had one aspect of beauty that i could keep in my life it would be skincare, forget makeup or haircare my loyalties lie with my ever growing skincare routine. Being a skincare obsessive Korean skincare is always something that has intrigued me, we’ve all watched the 10 step korean skincare routines on youtube, and i have to admit my routine comes pretty close.  To inject a little more Korean skincare genius into my routine, and continue on my quest for hydration i’ve been experimenting with the OhK masks, but these aren’t your regular face masks. 

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On closer inspection of the packets i realised i wasn’t just holding facial sheet masks, but hand masks, under eye masks, even a 2 step for your hair. (and yes the occasional one for your face because you can’t forget where you came from.) Adding a mask into my routine has always been something that i do at least once a week, but now that i’ve got hydrating masks for every inch of my body, i’m hoping i won’t have to deal with cold weather dryness any longer.

What have you been loving lately? 


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