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The perfect palette for summer days to autumn nights

The perfect palette for summer days to autumn nights

Okay, yes i’m late with this one but unfortunately it landed at my door right before i went on holiday. On the plus side, it means i’ve had about three weeks of testing each and every shade before i even began to write about it, also it meant i had a brand new palette to take away with me, and it provided the perfect holiday makeup companion. 

Urban decay naked heat review

The Urban Decay Naked Heat has become my go to palette, i tend to go through phases where i use one palette and nothing else and that’s what’s been happening ever since i got the Naked Heat – everything else has taken a back seat. I’ve heard a lot of people saying it’s hard to create a lot of different looks with this, and i did think the same when i first saw it but i actually couldn’t disagree more. The range of shimmers, deep and neutral mattes allow for endless warm toned looks, and even some cooler ones with the shades Ashes and Ember. 

On a first glance you’d assume this is a really glam evening palette, but it’s very possible to make wearable day time looks too. Don’t assume you have to exclude the shimmers either, the shade Lumbre makes for a lovely almost rose gold daytime eye and the matte’s make for a subtle smoky daytime look. 

I would have liked to see a gold in the palette, but it’s not the end of the world if i have to dip into another palette to achieve a desired look, other than that small detail it’s actually rare i use any other palettes when I’m creating a look with this. 

Urban decay naked heat review

Swatches & pigmentation:

Before i go into the pigmentation of these shadows and talk about the swatches, i want to point out something about the swatches below. The swatches of the shades En Fuego through to Ember let down the picture, instantly i looked back at the pictures and didn’t see the shadows i was used to when using this palette. The last three shades in the palette do preform well on the eye but do not swatch well at all, when i saw the deep pink of En Fuego and the purple of Ashes i wished for a really pigmented swatch but it just didn’t come out that well. 

I could’ve applied a primer underneath and applied multiple layers, but i want my swatches to accurately represent what one to two swipes can achieve. I didn’t want to effect their performance in anyway, especially when the other shadows have no problem when it comes to swatching on the arm.  

I wanted to point that out because i know a lot of people judge a palette on it’s swatching, but when you consider it’s how they preform on the eye that really counts, swatching is pretty much irrelevant- En fuego and Ashes are probably two of my most used shades now so that proves it. 

Generally the pigmentation of these shadows are good, especially when it comes to the shimmer shades. I was particularly impressed with the lighter shades in the palette, usually really light base shades can come out chalky but these are perfectly creamy. Even if Ounce pretty much blends with my arm, it makes it a great base shade to use all over the lid over primer. 

Urban decay naked heat review and swatches

Primer VS no primer? 

As standard i always apply concealer to my eyelids prior to eyeshadow application, sometimes primer just feels like an extra added step so i like to have shadows that can stand the test of time without an extra layer on my eye. The shadows in the naked heat get along just fine without a primer, but like most shadows they do wear better with the Primer Potion underneath. I find without primer they do fade a little bit after extended wear, but nothing unlike other shadows and it doesn’t happen if you do use a primer, but you could easily get away without it for a normal day’s wear. 

When i want shimmer shades to really standout, i’ll apply my base colour and then on the centre of my lid i apply a cream shadow, like a Kiko eyeshadow stick. (When i first did this i thought i had ruined my makeup but bare with it, it does really work) Then with a flat shader brush i pat the shimmer shade directly onto where the cream shadow is and blend it out to the outer areas, it means the shadow literally sticks to the cream and appears so much more vibrant and lasts so much longer, it almost gives the shadow a foiled effect too. 

Urban decay naked heat review and swatches

You might look at this palette and instantly be hit in the face with summer, but i see it as a palette that’ll really make the transition into autumn winter, after all the go to autumn look is a berry lip and warm toned eye right? I can’t wait to see how i’ll put this to use in the colder months, can you tell i want autumn to appear, like now please? 

Urban decay naked heat review and swatches

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